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Kw Velasco

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since Sep 22, 2012
I live in a valley that is in zone 9.
The usual annual rainfall is 9 inches - but we are in a drought about 6 years. We get wind from the W and NW. Very hot in the summer and foggy and cold in the winter.
I do have black locust trees on my property - and some of their seeds have sprouted : )
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On my invoice it shows

" : while you get a lifetime access to the ecourses and ebooks included in this Super Stack,
you must redeem everything by 13 August, 2020."

I did not have any trouble downloading the pdfs by right clicking - save as ....

I have not looked into the online courses yet.

Thanks again, Paul, for this opportunity 8D

2 months ago
Thank you, Paul, for this link.

Very cool stuff : )

And I got it also ; )

3 months ago
The recipe that I used comes from "ArtisanBreadwithStev on Youtube
It is a large batch recipe and makes 5 regular loaves of bread.
I used a commercial bread pan that my husband gave me - so I made three very large loaves  : )

Recipe: 7 1/2 cups cool tap water
                 1 Tbs salt
                 1 rounded tsp of rapid rise yeast
                 1 - 5 lb bag of flour

In a large tub or bowl mix water, salt and yeast. Add the flour and stir with a wood spoon handle - then using a spatula. This dough will be sticky.

Put something over the top - either a lid to the tub or plastic cling wrap.
The dough will double in size. Let the dough sit on the counter at least 8 - 24 hours.
I let mine sit for 24 hours and it had such a marvelous flavor : )

Spray the 5 bread pans with cooking spray.

Stir the dough to reduce the size before working.

Flour the board and put dough on the flour.
The dough will be moist and sticky. Divide the dough into 5 'pie slice' portions.

Separate and put into pans - using a dough scraper or large spatula makes it a bit easier to get them into the pans.

Cover with a flour sack towel and proof for 1 1/2 hours.

After 1 1/4 hours into proofing - move the oven rack to the center and turn on at 400F to preheat.

After proofing, put all pans on the center rack and bake for 45 minutes.

This bread slices easily after it has cooled.

This bread has a great texture and taste. Enjoy.

6 months ago
I am sooo looking forward to what Diego Footer has thrown in with Permaculture Voices !!

Carlos Gomezvelandia wrote:Paul/Shawn .. 116K WOW Amazing!
If I may add a suggestion .. Please send another email to all folks in all your mailing lists, promoting the 125K Stretch goal that is sooo close, the Permaculture Voices 1 videos, !! Its really close!! and this one alone, worth 75$ on its own will surely drive many to upgrade their pledge to the 100$ level just to get these amazing videos. I'm guessing most folks here would already have most of your stuff already (RMH, WDG etc) but not the PV videos these alone would drive lots of people to increase their pledge.

I have been listening to his podcasts while out in the yard ; )
7 months ago
I am sooo  excited and encouraged by all of
the responses to this massive amount of information
that will be going out to infect and spread a better
way of taking care of ourselves and sharing with others.

WOW !!!  $ 115,340  !!!

7 months ago

I have upped my pledge to $100.00 !!!

Wahoo !!

Pardon me for waiting almost to the last minute....

; )

2069 Backers
7 months ago
Just looked right now - 999 backers with 29 days to go !! And so far over 34,000.00 and counting : )
8 months ago
Wahoo !!! I just purchased this  - I think that I may have been second ; )

Paul & Shawn - may you have great luxuriant success !!
8 months ago
I have several wisteria plants that have been growing for many years.
The one thing that I wish I knew about them is that in the fall when the leaves
turn brown, fall off the stem that they were on - this stem then falls off and makes a
bigger mess than the leaves.

I usually gather the leaves to put into a trashcan and then smash the dry leaves to
add to my soil. The stems are stiff and don't degrade as quickly as the leaves.

When my wisteria blooms - it smells wonderful and looks so pretty.
4 years ago
Thank you, Hope, for offering the seeds. How much postage do you think I should put on the return envelope?
4 years ago