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I have gladly supported 11 of Paul's Kickstarters : )
I live in a shallow valley that is zone 9 with a very hot & dry Mediterranean climate with hot winds from the W & NW.
The usual annual rainfall is 8.5 inches - but we are in a drought well over 15 years. Very hot in the summer and foggy and cold in the winter.
I do have black locust trees on my property - and some of their seeds have sprouted
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Recent posts by Kw Velasco

Chris - how has your bread been cooking lately?

Hoping that you have delicious bread!
4 weeks ago
Thank you, very much, Sue, for your post. It really helps to know what to add if the dough needs help along the way.

My guess is that it really depends on the humidity of that day - and how long it needs to cook without over baking. Anything over cooked gets dry.

Thank you all for the input and this post.
4 weeks ago
I finally got home from town and did my pledge !!! I kicked it over the top :D

Wahoo !!!
2 months ago
Kate - thank you so much for sharing this : D

~ KW
2 months ago
I just did your kickstarter :D for the new cheese book !!

3 months ago
Wow! Thank you, Mike Haasl, for your recent article in the magazine 'Mother Earth News  no.318.

It was very informative and it has a way for anyone to get the SKIP book through the Mother Earth News Store ; )

Congratulations and well done.
6 months ago
I just upped my pledge to the $100.00 level :D

Okay everyone else who have pledged below the $100.00 level - now is the time to up your pledge and get more bang for your buck!

8 months ago
Thank you, Samantha, for replying - I am so glad that it will be in the movie!!
8 months ago
Samantha - drying sour dough crackers?

Not cooked in an oven?
8 months ago