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Congratulations to all you smart, determined FORMER smokers.

And take a long hard look at who makes it possible to pay A LOT of money to give ourselves cancer. Not to mention the cough, bronchitis every Winter. and tasting disgusting when kissed by a non smoker.

A few methods that worked for months to years:
Save all your cigarette butts for a week and add them to a glass jar. Add a bottle of beer. Screw the top on and let it sit another few days. Quit smoking and every time you want a cigarette, open the jar and inhale deeply.
Self punishment - put a rubber band around your wrist and every time you are aware of wanting a cigarette, snap yourself.
Wean your self off gradually.

What worked the last time - over 25 years ago? Toothpicks to occupy hands and mouth. Start on the 21 mg. patch until comfortable. When ready to drop to the 14mg/day patch get 2mg gum and cut them in half. Wrap each half piece in a piece of regular gum so you can have UP TO seven 1mg pieces of gum. Stay on the 14mg patch and wean yourself down off the gum until no pieces of gum are needed. Drop down to the 7mg patch, lather, rinse, repeat.

Lobelia occupies the same receptor sites as nicotine in the brain, very helpful, you might want to try that before the patch. Forgot to mention it in methods that worked short(er) term. It is one of the few herbs better extracted in ACV, don't bother with capsules or extracts in glycerine or etoh.

I am editing this to add:  Consider switching to American Spirit as there are over 600 chemicals and additives they put in regular ciggies and it is easier to quit when you are just quitting the nicotine.
3 days ago
How about a shout out for Yaktrax? When walking on ice, bites to keep you from slipping. Easily slipped on over any shoe or boot, held in pace by Velcro. (I do not own stock, just grateful to discover them).

A strong folding shovel and a bag of sand in the trunk to shovel out.

A space blanket. Food and water.  First aid supplies.

An ergonomically correct shovel. A snow blower or Bobcat for bigger jobs.

Before a snow, cover your vehicle with a tarp for easy clean off.

Hypodermic needle and a high proof alcohol in case of frozen locks.

May all be safe as they travel.                                                                                                                                                                                              

3 days ago
Wow y'all.

I am impressed by all the resourcefulness, creativity and diversity of your solution oriented responses. Brilliant.

Andrea - I don't think you mentioned which operating system you are running. If you are running Windows 10, MS disabled the option to turn off, or control the installation of updates. And we don't know your level of expertise around installation of operating systems. If you are reformatting and doing a clean install, you need drivers and all kinds of little bits of software to create a new harmonious union of software, firmware and hardware. Can be tricky. If your one computer is part way through a clean install and you need tech support or to look something up on the internet, and you don't have access to the internet, that's a tough place to be.

And you boldly own your cheap(?), stingy(?) frugal(?) mental posture, which is so curious. I get the impression, please correct me if I am wrong, that you are not impoverished, you have the money and could pay for X, just don't want to, which is something I'd be interested in exploring, don't know if you feel the same way. Are you as generous with others as you hope others will be with you? Do we have a forum on the mindset behind cheap(?), stingy(?) frugal(?).

Does everybody know about Freecycle.org? Great online resource to post your "offers" and "wants" out into your local community. You can request a working laptop or desktop. Post things you no longer need or want and give them a second life.

Another option is your local computer geek club. Your library can help you find them, or a community center. Might be a good place to get technical support if you need help installing an OS, finding someone who might be willing to do an install of their software on your computer without giving you their only disk.

Look for a PC or a Linux Meetup.  Try Meetup.com

Go to your local college or university, they can point you in the direction of a computer club, and/or an IT department. Or a computer student who could get credit for putting his newly acquired skills into practice.

Are you a senior or on disability? Some communities give away reconditioned/refurbished/used computers to those in need.

This is link for free antivirus software, which would be useful if you are not getting updates. (i am not affiliated in any way with any of these. Please check them out for yourself.)

Here is a search for Linux software:

And here is a search to find sites to download software for free;
5 days ago
There are a few sites out there (not affiliated with any of them) that have tutorial videos, sell materials, and help you decide (mostly with pros only) if sleeping on a wool pillow is right for you.

Apparently they compress 30% over the first 6 months. You can add more material, or fluff and restuff.

Depending on whether you are a side or back/stomach sleeper they suggested different firmness/thickness.




This is a company that sells felted wool locally sourced, ticking and pillow cases. They also made one or more of the videos.
1 week ago
I don't know of any good brands to purchase, but I can recommend the Lee Gee brand. It is exactly the same as the future "Heiden Lentz" brand.

Vermicomposting or vermiculture is the fine art of widening your circle of friends who will live in a bin, Red Wiggler worms. Feed them your veggie and fruit scraps (except for citrus and onions) and they will produce for you the second best fertilizer on the planet next to bat guano (poop).

It's easy to do small scale. Look online and find a pound or two or red wiggler worms. Careful with shipping in the winter, they might get left in a truck overnight, not good. As you are awaiting your worms to arrive - Get two totes or bins that will nest and have fitted lids. Cut a hole, small-ish in the middle of one short end on the bottom. This bin goes inside the other bin and will catch the worm tea. You can dilute this and spray it directly on the leaves or water it in to the soil. Back to the bin set up. Drill holes in the top of the interior bin that sits above the bottom bin. Your worms need to breath. Get some newspaper, black and white print only - colored inks may contain heavy metals, and shred it and soak it in water. Wring it out, fluff it up and put it into the bottom of the inner bin. Wad up some newspaper and put it semi snugly in the hole in the bottom of your bin. You want liquids to drip through but want to prevent red wiggler suicides. When your worms arrive, put them in their new home. If you have a good distributor, they will include some starter food with the worms. Harvesting worm poop depends upon how many worms and the size of the bin, the temperature and how much you feed them.

This is a good tip - if you want to avoid fruit flies, freeze your fruit and veggie scraps first, it kills the fruit fly eggs.

Worms like to be in the dark so keep the lid tightly on, put them under the sink, the bottom of a closet or drape some cloth over them. You now have a forever source of great fertilizer.

Oh, your new best friends will multiply if fed well, so you can split them and make another bin, or give them away.

Here is a link of 'red wiggler composting' to get you started:

2 weeks ago
The new bumper stickers are beautiful - well done Nicole and all the other contributors.

Is there a bumper sticker for aquaponics? How would it differ from rain water harvesting, pond systems, grey water and fishing?
Hello and thanks in advance for your help.

Apparently the DE post had gotten multiple thumbs up but they are not reflected on the post.

Secondly, I tried to PM a moderator(?) and the PM system failed several times.
In another post - https://permies.com/t/99272/critters/Dust-bath#818458  -  Redhhawk confirms DE is ineffective when wet.

DE doesn't do anything when it gets wet but when it dries back out it works again, this is because food grade DE is so fine a powder and it is the sharp cutting edges on the diatom that do the damage to insects.

- Redhhawk

How is Magic Unicorn Dust effective internally, or during any application, when it is wet?
1 month ago
I love DE. Great in the house or outside for creating a barrier that critters won't cross -when it is dry.

20 + years ago I rented a room to someone who brought in a flea infested kitten. I dusted the entire house with DE. I also put shallow pans of oil under the night lights in every room, and the fleas jump at the lights in the dark, fall into the oil - :) . I kept it up for 2 months just to get through all their cycles. Chemical free and flea free. Cover the dog/cats nose and mouth, and mine, and rub in their coat.

Put a solid line of it behind kitchen cabinets/appliances or anywhere ants or other unwelcomed critters may try to gain access.

On dry ground put down a perimeter and slugs and other crawlies won't cross it.

Here is where I get confused - my understanding is when it gets wet it stops working, so it has to get wet in the digestive tract - no? How is it effective when it is consumed?
1 month ago
Thank you Travis for your response of perfect length, and breadth.

After a tough two years retreating is exactly what you needed to do. Dr.'s who are taught they know all there is to know - (ha!).

I think you are spot on for holding your ground to allow ANYBODY who wants to be exposed to, in the best case scenario, examples of walking in Light and Love.

Allowing us glimpses into your life, where you shine, and your challenges, is an honor and a privilege. I learn by your example.

You gave us, as a community, a (another) reason to rally, for us to shine and be our best, and welcome you back. May you begin to know how much your words and life mean.

I am overjoyed you are back. Overjoyed you are in the hands of better equipment and more knowledgeable dr.s, that a big bill was paid, and your mind relieved and your strength renewed.

Blessings upon you and your family, the cozy one in Maine, and your international online family.
1 month ago