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Tantra is not really understood here in the West. We hear Tantra and we think of Sting and Trudy's sex life. Or maybe Kama Sutra positions. Or a prolonged (pre) orgasmic state.

Tantra - loosely translated means to weave, stretch and expand to the point of liberation. It is also the use of the mind, in fact all of the senses, to bring the end result desired into the present, whatever that may be.

Relating to permaculture; all the fantasies, daydreams, planning and plotting, and relishing, reveling, luxuriating in thoughts, feelings, smells, tastes, sounds etc. of your little piece of the world, or all of planet earth and its inhabitants, living a flourishing permaculture based life, are assisting to bring it into creation.

Form follows energy. Energy follows thought.

I, too, had come up with this idea about 12 years ago. Had a programmer who had not a clue about permaculture, relying solely on me for guidance. Quickly realized how daunting a task this was for all the variables to consider and have inputs for, working off of the PD Manual. Thought it was too ahead of its time - not enough aware of PD, too few willing to pay for it/invest in it/be willing to do the work for the love of it, without compensation or delayed compensation, too few interested in, or knowledgeable enough, to work on the project, sooo much time involved in the development. Dozens and dozens of hours of notes on a laptop that no longer will boot (Win XP). Might be able to retrieve the information, didn't have it backed up. I am interested in contributing in some capacity. Winter is a better time for me to jump back in.
2 months ago
Greetings Paul and Alan,

Taking PDC to the next level, thank you and welcome.

It would be an honor and a pleasure to attend this PDC. Hope to see you there. (Thanks Nicole.)
2 months ago
More stuff for free.

I am not affiliated or associated with ANY of these folks offering tier information. Yes they want your email address, cannot vouch for their reputability.

2 months ago
I love this one, bookaholic that I am!

Coupon Code


Sorry folks, didn't know where to post this since Chelsea Green publishes so many great books/topics. Please cross-post to which ever forums you see fit. Redhawk, help us out?

With all the money you save you could send books to the 501c3's reference library. :)
2 months ago
Download free companion planting guide and enter to win $50 of heirloom seeds.

Good luck!


Edited: This was a presenter in the Grow Network, how I found them.   The link is fine, through the presenter's website.

Home Grown Food Summit     -   https://homegrownfoodsummit.com

Paul was a featured presenter for Rocket Ovens yesterday and was really only seen eating Spaghetti Flavored Pie.  :)

2 months ago
Some of this might be redundant, hope it will be of benefit.

Just information, not prescriptions, in no particular order:

Nutritional supplements:

A high quality b-complex - Assists in protein availability for reparation of nerves and myelin sheath, nourishes the nervous system.
Alpha-lipoic acid - Amazing antioxidant, both fat and water soluble, free radical scavenger
Magnesium - Used in hundreds of enzymatic reactions and helps promote nerve regeneration
Acetyl-l-carnitine - Assists in regeneration of nerves
Vitamin C - Promotes healing
Vitamin D - Promotes nerve regeneration
Phosphatidyl Choline - Helps protect and repair myelin sheath
Omega 3's and GLA - Reduce inflammation and building blocks of sheath

Herbal Supplements:

Oats (avena sativa) - Oats and oat straw extracts nourish and soothe the nerves
Oat Straw
Forskolin - Extract of root in mint family, stimulates nerve regeneration
Skullcap and Passionflower - Help to calm the nervous system in general

Topical Applications:

Epsom Salts soaks - Topical magnesium
Helichrysum essential oil - Rejuvenative, healing, repair
Marjoram essential oil - Helps in healing the nerves
Arnica Montana - Gel, oil, lotion, pain and trauma

Extended Fasting:

The optimal way to create healing and regeneration in the body - creates a state of autophagy - the breaking down of dead, diseased tissue, transforming it and using to rebuild healthy tissue.

Editing - duh - forgot to include homeopathics -

Magnesium Phos

2 months ago
Hello Jp,

Love your idea about preserving wood below soil level. Appreciate your wanting to test it before you execute your building plan. I don't have degrees in chemistry. Would it be possible to soak wood posts in boric acid/polypropylene glycol solution until saturated, then in the lime to mineralize it, then use it in the soil?

Doing it this way, wouldn't it be easier to test it in a few weeks time under extreme conditions?
3 months ago
I am grateful for those remembering, "The problem is the solution.".

Mike and Pearl - Could you please be more specific about the placement of the cinder blocks and cardboard tubing when squirrels filled them with nuts? Were the holes in the blocks horizontal or vertical and how were they positioned in relation to the hives? What is the location of the hives? What was the diameter of the tubing? Where was the tubing placed? How close or far from trees, structures? Thank you.

Someone's signature file, I think it is an Einstein quote, and I paraphrase, is questioning if your functional view of the universe is basically friendly or hostile. I don't think the squirrels are out to get me, they just 'are'. And it is great to use their gathering propensity to my (our) advantage and to repay them with something of value (to them) for their efforts. I have a hard time with the thought that I would have contributed to a death of starvation in winter by taking what they had gathered and leaving them unprepared with no recourse.

I used to think of ticks and mosquitoes as worthless, and now understand they are food for bats, guinea hens, fish and a whole host of others in the web of life.

Everything is doing the best that it can in that moment. When we learn or know better, we do better. Applies to squirrels, humans, all life forms.

3 months ago
It is interesting the opportunity presented in posts/threads like these.

There was one a little while back where some seemingly antagonistic/provocative posts elicited debate about them potentially being from a ‘bot’, and gave folks here on the site ‘practice’ in responding in a different way. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to practice and reflect.

You gave Paul the opportunity to practice a softer response when he wrote (“It would seem . . . “)

“It would seem that your philosophy is different from mine.  

It would seem that you will create a forum and your forum will do better than mine.  And then there will be two forums.  Diversity.  That is permaculture.”

Understanding provides content and context for response. Please, enlighten (me, us) if my guesses fall short . . .

In the signature file “Just. Build. The. Damn. Thing!”  You like efficiency. You like expediency. The word ‘just’ says negate anything else but getting right down to it, whatever ‘it’ is. The (over) use of periods after each word, abruptness, impatience, a lack of flow?

“Nice" has never produced any growth - it perpetuates stagnation, it enforces mediocrity.”

I wonder if in your life you have experienced many harsh responses, which you have managed to take in and make changes. Hard, but you did it, and you believe you are the better for it.  You interpreted them to be truthful but harsh. Since your growth lessons were delivered in that way, from your perspective, that is the best way for everyone, yes?

You wrote “

While balance asks most certainly to add compassion and understanding,
shielding someone from a response to patently false claims, because it might "hurt their feelings" is at best short-sighted. I said "a bit confused" instead of "indefensibly negligent in an arrogant and baseless caution extending from a position of ignorance."

Do you think compassion and understanding (nice factors) and truth (the growth factor) are mutually exclusive?

In younger years I thought I saw things accurately and wanted to impart my ‘wisdom’ on those I thought would be benefited by it. Frequently the recipient’s response was not what I was hoping for. I came to think about what I wanted to offer from the end result I hoped to produce. Elements to consider like timing, tone, relationship came into view. There are best friend shortcuts with language that are taken for granted that cannot be applied to acquaintances.

I would guess you have not been on the receiving end of skilled feedback coming from a wise, compassionate and kind source. I have a grandmother who has transitioned out of form decades ago. She was the embodiment of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Confucius, Nelson Mandela, Lao Tzu and Rumi. Wise, well-chosen words, timed to land at the right time for the recipient, considering their circumstances, educational background and as many other factors as you would like to, can be life changing, in the best possible way, I know from my own experience, and from observation. It takes more time and energy going in, but can yield the greatest results.

Kindness and compassion are not always essential elements to include in conversations. Why potentially burn bridges, or NOT show and express care or nice? If the topic is “how to clear snow to accommodate where my dog poops’, care, kindness and nice are probably not factors. A loved one just passed away, you lost your job, and you totaled your car require more care in conversation, would you agree?

And R Ransom posted ‘

There are lots of choices here, but if you choose to post to permies, know that any posts that don't follow the publishing standard will be removed.”

A clear expression of firm boundaries.

And Greg Martin poignantly wrote

“have great discussions while displaying the basic kindness to others that we all deserve . . .”

deserving kindness – what a concept.

And Redhawk wrote

“I would love to make some comments on posts that are so inane as to be eligible for the compost heap simply because they have nothing of real value in them.
But then I wouldn't be following the policies of permies and I try my best to turn away before I do something I know I will regret. “  

He thinks about recycling what he considers the inane in a compost pile.     Sometimes I find posts in Meaningless Drivel that I think don’t belong there.  And knowing when to refrain from expression is very wise.

I am not attached. You have every right to continue expressing as you have. Or I invite you to consider diversity, flexibility and choice of thought and speech (and action). Experiment for yourself; see if you get different results.

PS – Earth care, PEOPLE CARE, Fair Share.