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sheila reavill wrote:I believe money is a convenience. If I'm a butcher, it's hard to carry a side of beef to my neighbor to pay for some candles. How is he supposed to make change?

Money is a convenience, but only for the owner. None of us own money, we just pay a tax to use money. The tax is in the form of deflation. The value of the money dwindles day after day. So the owner spends out the money and a high value, then buys it back at low value. Rinse repeat. The owner gets rich, the users get perishable goods that need to be purchased over and over again. Each cycle cost the user more, and makes the owner more.

Taxes are the real problem not the money. Yes taxes pay for lots of services. But all those service come down to the support and feeding of commerce, corporations of any and all sizes. They are the ones that should pay ALL taxes. Sure it would increase the price of store bought goods, but I would have the option not to participate in the money exchange commerce system; if the land I am allowed to live on was not taxed. As it is we all have to pay taxes with money, which means we are forced to participate whether we want to or not. It is a slick form of slavery that has all the trappings of freedom but without the benefits.
7 years ago

amelia nicol wrote:Wait, why do we owe any government or corporation for being alive, needing food, and needing shelter? Why do we owe offerings and sacrifices to a belief that doesn't actually exist -money- that says unless we pay tribute we are violently punished?

Why do we owe government? We lost our vigilance. We grew apathetic. We allowed manufactured distractions to blind us. We suffer from acute Alzimers.
Look at this discription. Describes our condition to a tee.
8 years ago
My 2 Cents:
Generally speaking people believe and understand there is a problem. However, lacking information they do nothing. No ideas, just feelings and obscure thoughts. They don't even know where to start their education. So they complain to their spouses, friends or politicians until no one will listen any more. Then they decide it's much easier to plant their rear end in front of the TV than to plant a garden. They adopt the idea "you have to go along to get along" and give up.

Think about the things you need to know in order to become a self-sustaining person/family/community. Most people don't have a 10th of the knowledge required. The average person only knows "most" of what their job requires, learning just enough to pass so they can keep the job and most importantly the paycheck.

Then there is the media and its constant denigration of those trying to light the torch. There is but a remnant of people with the drive and desire to force change to occur. The rest are lookers who will wait to "see what happens" or who else is doing (it).

Passion! Inculcate Passion! No one has passion about anything except sports, money and the accumulation of more stuff than their neighbor.
8 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:If you don't want to make money or pay taxes, you could form a not-for-profit organization and locate where such an entity gets full property tax exempt status.

You suggest "working the system" to gain the appearance of not being part of the system?
8 years ago
In the US and many other countries it is nearly impossible to live on a piece of land without participation in the money=freedom deception.

You see governments need money to continue the deception of money=freedom. The government is only able to borrow money (from the super rich or other countries) based on its tax payers' ability to pay the loans back.
So you see, if government allowed you to live on a piece of land free from taxes then you wouldn't be forced to participate in their money=freedom deception and they couldn't borrow any more money and then couldn't continue the money=freedom deception.
Which would lead to more people opting out of the money=freedom deception, further degrading their control over the people.

Such a vicious cycle would follow that soon everyone would be able to live a life of TRUE freedom being money-less and having less-government.

8 years ago