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I might have spoken too soon...

There is a mirror wallet site up and running at Thank you Patrick Lodder! You can create a new wallet or check your old wallet there. Be advised, that if you had more than one wallet address you may need to use the create new wallet button to see your other wallets. Since this is a hierarchical deterministic wallet, it will create the same key pairs based on your 12 word passphrase every time and coins stored in additional wallets will appear when that wallet is re-created.

So Andrea, feel free to create a wallet and I will send you some Permies tokens.
8 years ago
Hi Andrea,

Technically my offer is still valid, but there are some issues...

I also can't get into the wallet application, so I am currently unable to make good on my offer. Technically speaking, the protocol is still working perfectly. That is to say that everyone's permies coins are recorded on the dogecoin blockchain, and if you had the math and computer skill to create a transaction from scratch, you could send them. Unfortunately, the wallet application is still down, and I for one don't have the programming skills to use the protocol at that raw of a level. I am disappointed, I was hoping this would take off as far as having more developers involved and mirrored wallet applications, but as it stands there are only a few people working part time on this. Without more support and reliable tools that are always available, having a working platform is not doing the permies any good. It's like we have a bunch of Betamax tapes, but no player.

Counterparty, the bitcoin based token system that dogeparty was copied from is still going strong, and developing at a dizzying pace. At this point I don't hold much hope that dogeparty will gain enough support to catch up on all the new development that has happened in this space. I thought that the lower cost and faster transaction times would attract a lot of attention, but that has not been the case. I do hold some XCP, and could potentially recreate this experiment on this more reliable network if there is interest. I know there is already a some type of permaculture based tokens on the counterparty platform, but I really don't know much about them yet.

I do apologize to anyone who feels that this was a waste of their time. But my intent was and still is to offer the chance to learn about and experience this potentially world changing technology first hand.
8 years ago
Wow, great response!

I have to agree that having debt based money that is dependant on endless growth is a major driving force in many of the problems we face.

Certainly there will always be a place for physical exchanges. Barter, not just of items, but also of time, labor, reputation, and favours is such a huge part of the true basis of wealth for any society, and these things can not be quantified and put in a ledger so easily. But beyond our local circle, when we trade with enemies and strangers, we must have some system that can keep track of value. For the first time since the days when commodities acted as cash, we have a method to do that which didn't require a central authority to operate and I am just so excited to see where that can take us.

But I do have to correct you and say that you can actually hand someone some bitcoin. You can put the private keys on a piece of paper or stamp them in metal and exchange them that way. Of course (unless you are freaky good at math) you would need help from a machine to verify that the numbers you receive are valid and really do correspond to value locked on the blockchain. But those kinds of machines are getting cheaper and more accessible every day.
8 years ago
Money, in and of itself, is not evil. It is simply a tool for social interaction. It is almost instinctual. Left to themselves, third graders will create money. They will barter for gum, or trading cards or beads or some item that has attained value in their social circle.

Money has evolved through the centuries. First appearing as an item or commodity. Feathers, shells, beads, tobacco, sticks with notches on them, giant carved stones.... The list of items that humans have used for money through the ages is enormous. Then money went through it's first major evolution when we started using metals. Primarily gold and silver, and usually cast into specific shapes and denominations. In the middle ages, people would leave their heavy gold with the goldsmith and receive a paper receipt to claim it later. It didn't take them long to realize that it was easier to trade the receipts than to actually get the gold and move it around and we entered the era of paper bills that were backed by precious metals. The second transformation of money.

Fast forward to the United States under Nixon, and people have become so accustomed to using paper bills, that they no longer needed any backing to function. Thus we enter the third great evolution. The gold standard is abandoned, and we begin to use fiat money, otherwise known as "It has value because I said so!" This form of money has detached itself from the real world of tangible things and has allowed for some pretty disturbing behavior. It is created by a privately owned banking cartel called the Federal Reserve, and it's value seems to be derived from the threat of violence. It makes insanity, such as fractional reserve banking, derivatives, and credit default swaps possible. It has allowed a system of parasitic, rent seeking behavior to flourish and grow. Grow to the point that, I am supposed to sit here and accept the proposition that 15 minutes of time for a CEO or Stock Broker is equivalent to 40 years of my hard labor.

The problems we see are not intrinsic to the concept of money, only to the current iteration of money.

In 2008 a radical new invention by the anonymous person or persons known as Satoshi Nakamoto has opened the doors to the fourth major change in the form of money. A distributed ledger of ownership. A way to send value securely over an untrusted network. Just as we use this network of computers to exchange ideas, and receive information that would be otherwise inaccessible, bitcoin is allowing a new era of economic activity that was never possible before.

No more excluding 6 billion people from the financial world. No more middlemen taking a cut of the profits without adding any value to the system. No more banks creating money out of thin air and devaluing our savings.

Bitcoin as a currency, may or may not be the iteration of this technology that the world embraces. But the world will embrace this technology, just like it is embracing the internet, because it is advantageous to the individual to do so. And I have no doubt that the world will be a better place for it!
8 years ago
Andreas Antonopoulos explaining how bitcoin can make the world a little better for the poorest people on earth.
9 years ago
ok David 232,113 PERMIES and 1000 Dogecoins are on the way!

Griswald? oohhhh, that's the big money.
9 years ago
Ok David, 10 doge test has been sent. Please let me know that you received them ok and that you can log out and back into your wallet without trouble.
9 years ago
Hey Zach, sorry I missed this until now. Been busy in the garden.

10 doge test has been sent, let me know that you got it ok and I will send the rest.
9 years ago
Great points Voy, I'd love to see PERMIES turn into something more than a game, but I don't think there is any clear road on how to get there. If people value them, then they will have value. I do think that a deflationary currency based on nothing is automatically superior to an inflationary currency based on debt, so we've got that going for us.

At the moment it would be a very simple matter for me to issue more PERMIES, as I have not yet locked the token. Locking the tokens is an irreversible action and will permanently set the number of PERMIES in existence. I have not done this yet, as I wanted to give the users and particularly the administrators a chance to weigh in on what is an appropriate quantity to have in circulation. I do plan to lock the tokens at some point though, as having the ability to issue currency out of thin air is a power that no human being can be trusted with, and I wouldn't expect anyone to put value into PERMIES knowing that I had such power.

For now I feel like there are plenty of tokens. I still have about 23 million to give away, and I would definitely want to see a bigger demand before considering a supply increase.
9 years ago
Ok Charles,

1000 more Dogecoin and 234,458 PERMIES are on the way!
9 years ago