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I too have high blood pressure and have looked deeply into this. I need to lose weight to really make a dent. But plant-wise here is what I found:

Radish (Raphanus sativus L.): dry dosage range = 13-55 grams.
1. Leaf: 2.5%/day of feed = ∆ 19/? in one study. Assuming 500 grams of carbohydrate feed = 13 grams, dry weight assumed.
2. Radish Leaf ethyl acetate extract: 7.5 grams/day, Leaf Weight/extract ratio = 56:1. About 420 grams leaf weight assumed = 55 grams leaf dried weight. NOTE: 4X THE DOSE OF OTHER STUDY!

Eclipta Alba leaf: dry dosage range = 3-17 grams, invasive 4”-40” high annual, 45-60 day delay for results.
1. Alcoholic extract was found safe up to 5000 mg/kg orally given to rats. ∆ 139/x to 112/x. A 25% reduction of blood pressure in rats! Human dose: 17 grams/day for 185Lb man of extract evaporated from 80% ethyl alcohol soxhlet. Dried plant leaf/extract weight ratio unknown.
2. 3 grams dried leaf/day human dose = ∆ 19/11. Less professional human subject Indian study.

Mukia Maderaspatana leaf: 4.5grams/day, after 45 days = ∆ 23/15 Raja 2007. Note: also called Melothria Maderaspatana. Vine grows to zone 5, eBay only seed source found (from Poland).

Stevia leaf: 11% stevioside. 11% at 750mg extract = 7 grams/day dried leaf.
2nd study claimed concentration 4.4%-9.9%. (17 grams/day worst case)
3rd study claimed concentration 6.5%-8.6%.  
1. A 3 x 250mg/day of stevioside extract = 10% BP reduction.
2. 2nd study: 500mg/day of stevioside extract = 6.5% reduction.
3. Try say…11grams/day dry leaf + 500ml HOT water. (1:45 ratio).
Possibly dangerous stuff:
Hibiscus tea: 2.6 grams/day ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM = ∆ 7/3.
Testicular/sperm issues above max dose! Try 1.3 grams?

Beetroot Juice: 250ml = ∆ 8/5. Nitrate causes cancer? Also use of mouthwash kills bacteria in the mouth needed for nitrate-nitrite conversion.
OTC Remedies:

Cardamom powder: 3 grams/day, after 90 days = ∆ 19/12.

Chlorogenic acid: after 90 days 140mg/day = ∆ 15/5. Maximum dose 300mg/day.

Olive Leaf extract: absolute minimum 1gram/day of 20% oleuropein extract decreased BP by ∆11.5/4.8. 20% x gram = 200mg. Oleuropein is generally the most prominent phenolic compound in olive cultivars and can reach concentrations of up to 140 mg/gram on a dry matter basis in young olives and 60–90 mg/gram of dry matter in the leaves. Which at 60mg/gram to get 200mg requires 3.33grams of dried leaf. 6mg/gram dried leaf 2nd source = 33 grams dried leaf/day.

Taurine: 1.6grams/day = ∆ 7/5. A 6 gram/day study found improvement in 1 week.

Magnesium Citrate: 600mg/day = ∆ 5.6/2.8

1 ounce 90% coca/day
1 gram fish oil/day
200mg CoQ10/day (expensive)

1 year ago
I have St. Croix hair sheep because: #1 St. Croix sheep are pretty much worm proof, in contrast to goats which need regular worming, #2 this breed has multiple births, with three most common for ewes over two years old. That makes them more efficient to raise than other sheep since mathematically a higher percentage of the feed is going to the babies, #3 they are not a large breed difficult to handle weighing only 130Lbs for the ewes and 160Lbs for the rams, #4 they are rather docile. That can be important when dealing with rams able to hurt you.  
1 year ago
I grow Western Front kale at my home in Pennsylvania. It comes back even after 0 degree Fahrenheit winters and quite a bit of snow. Got lots of seeds from it. As far as I'm concerned it IS perennial.
I just bought some Gilfeather turnip seeds. Would like to hear from others who grew them about their yields, disease issues, and taste opinions. Thanks
1 year ago
Just found out about Sarpo Mira blight resistant potatoes. Any sources in the of these in the USA or UK vendors that ship to the USA?
1 year ago