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Recent posts by jesse leavitt

I'm wondering if anyone knows, or has resources to information on regulating ferment temperatures without electricity.

Specifically I am currently trying to grow koji. Ideally I must maintain a temperature of 98F. I know I could put a pot of water on low heat with the ferment suspended inside, but am looking for an alternative. If anyone can help, thank you!

5 years ago
Paul Wheaton wins!
6 years ago
Hello fellow permies!

How well do you think a Hugelswale will hold up in the sub-tropics?

More specifically; between two swales with excess water flow from spillways.

Here during the wet season the swales are subject to being blown when hard surface material is found in the berm of a swale.

This is what raises my question with hugelswale and how stable it will be in the extremes of the wet season, and how well it will hold up to extensive water run off.

If anyone has any experience, I would very much appreciate your help!


Jesse Leavitt
7 years ago