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Recent posts by Gregorski Novak

Craig and friends! Hello and thanks for keeping this thread alive, I've greatly enjoyed reading it. I am a wandering permaculturalist looking for my next project and i have decided to settle in your area of maine! yay midcoast!
I am particularly interested in greenhouses and attached solariums and utilizing my engineering background devising a system of temperature humidity and air flow control systems. I would like to interface this with an easy to use user smart micro grid interface. I am also into goats, and tree propagation.
If you are looking for interny type people to cross pollinate your land with ideas and a bit of elbow grease i would enjoy meeting some new friends in the area!
I am travel in a van full of tools and camp gear. I am arriving later this week and will be around for...a while...(i hope).
Would love to hear back from you or others in the area, can pm email or mobile# for casual meetup, chat, work projects for barter or van overnight parking.
Cheers, love you all!
6 years ago
steven harris does something similar at and also
he does it in his truck, i have been trying to recreate one of his backup battery systems for my vehicle to act as my main energy source, hook it to solar and the alternator to charge.
great podcast he does with jack spirko. google it-
7 years ago
Hey guys thanks for the awesome thread, I am also coming to maine on a permaculture mission this spring.
Looking for more permie family to visit and work with as i cruise around in my van.
I studied mech. engineering but have been overseas woofing in australia and new zealand the past few years and and now back to look for a community in the north east.
Took PDC and interned for the inland north west permy convergence last fall, out west.
Nice little group forming here, i am looking to get involved in some permaculture ventures, volunteer for experience and work along side some other motivated creative people.
yoga? wildcrafting? off grid anything? food?
Count me in.
7 years ago
Hello permies, woofies, helpxers, couchsurfers?
I have frequented many of the above networks on my modern nomadic travels looking to be useful and find my niche as well as picking up skills from odd places and building community in the process.
Found this site to be a fresh FREE alternative to the above, Its new as yet but seems to fill a needed niche to connect people who need help and helpers!
Looks like it plays on the nomad base concept but for those who make it a point to get involved in whatever is going on at their current base.

7 years ago