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Recent posts by Peter McCoy

Hey folks,
We have started to released the details about and open registration for our Summer Session of online mycology courses over at MYCOLOGOS, my new mycology school.
You can see the full details on the Mushroom Identification course and Fungal Ecology course currently, with info about our intro to mushroom cultivation and mycology 101 coming out in the next few weeks.

I hope you can join!
Peter McCoy
1 year ago
Hey all,
Yes, there will be beginner, intermediate, and advanced cultivation skills taught, including super low tech/cost and outdoor methods.

The facebook is here and the website is here.

Thanks so much for the support everyone! We plan to bring mycology to the world and help enhance fungal knowledge throughout permacutlure.
2 years ago
Paul, I think it's because I deleted the first image then refreshed the edit page to upload the images above. It worked this time.

Not seeing any referrals from Permies on the dashboard, as far as I can tell.

Thanks much!
3 years ago
Thanks Paul! I just tried to upload some new ones and got an error.

3 years ago
Only a few days left!!

Hey folks,

The Mycologos: The World's First Online and In-Person Mycology School Kickstarter campaign is in its final days! Our original funding goal has been reached, so now we're looking to reach some stretch goals. Your help in reaching these goals is greatly appreciated.

After studying and teaching mycology for over a decade, I know first hand how hard it can be to master the topic. This school is designed to help anyone gain a solid foundation in the many facets of mycology – from biology and ecology, to cultivation, medicine making, and mycoremediation. There is even a course designed for permaculturalists.

The school will start by offering online courses and will also start a demonstration mushroom farm in Portland where the schematics for the tools we build will be made available for free. At the end of 2018 we will also begin offering multi-year apprenticeships in the field (alongside short courses of course).

Please check out the campaign here and share it with your community.

Thank you!
Peter McCoy

3 years ago
Hey yall,
I am excited to share a unique 7-day course I will be leading with soil/compost expert Nance Klehm this August in Chicago, IL.

This Master Class is ideal for anyone wishing to enrich their knowledge of soil science, fungal ecology, and advanced fungal cultivation practices. Participants may go on to incorporate this knowledge into careers in land management, habitat restoration, permaculture, and regenerative design (among various other fields). This class will also provide scientific and practical foundations in soil mycology for those who wish to pursue careers in soil science, mycology, plant pathology, or environmental studies.

Topics Covered

Soil Fungi Science
  • Taxonomy, biology, and ecological modes of soil fungi
  • Identification of wild mushrooms, mycorrhizal fungi, lichens, and other soil fungi
  • Fungal influences on soil chemistry, structure, composition, and health
  • Field trips, forays, and more

  • Soil Fungi Cultivation & Application
  • Beneficial fungal-microbial relationships and soil inoculation strategies
  • Cultivating ecto and endomycorrhizae, biocrusts, and other soil fungi
  • Soil bioremediation strategies and associated chemistry
  • Soil fungi exudate analysis

  • Soil Science
  • Habitat restoration design and in situ implementation
  • Soil fungal pathogen identification and mitigation
  • Soil formation, types, and assessment protocols
  • Landscape reading and health analysis

  • Feel free to DM me with any questions. Otherwise, more details can be seen here.
    3 years ago
    Hey folks,
    I wanted to let y'all know I will be holding several 20-hour Mushroom Cultivation & Application Courses across the US this summer and fall. Full details at the following links:

    Boise, ID - July 21–23
    Milwaukee, WI - Aug. 18–20
    Detroit, MI - Sept. 1–3
    New York, NY - Sept. 8–10
    Oklahoma City, OK - Sept. 15–17
    Tucson, AZ - Sept. 22–24
    Oakland, CA - Oct. 6–8
    Portland, OR - Oct. 20–22
    Seattle, WA - Oct. 27–29

    I will also be holding them at other cities across the country (see them all here).

    Designed for the beginner as well the experienced cultivator, this Course covers everything you need to know to fruit mushrooms indoors all year, construct a mushroom farm, and establish regenerative outdoor mushroom installations. We start from the ground up and cover small and large scale operations, all while utilizing the most up-to-date and appropriate techniques and technologies. Student, group, and low-income discounts are available.

    Topics Covered

    Mushroom Cultivation Fungamentals
  • The fascinating biology, ecology, and history of the Fungal Kingdom
  • The core principles that underlie the art and science of cultivation
  • Aseptic (“sterile”) practices with agar, grains, straw, compost, and woody materials
  • The industry secret of liquid mushroom inoculum and its many applications
  • Place-based resource management and systems design principles
  • Lab and fruiting environment designs for home-, farm-, or community-scale projects
  • Appropriate, low-cost, and low-tech cultivation methods and tools
  • Planning and preparation to make things easy
  • Tool making and improvisation
  • Growing wild mushrooms

  • Appropriate Applications of Fungi
  • Medicinal mushroom processing and extraction for maximum potency
  • Outdoor mushroom garden design and installation
  • Fungal integration into various permaculture-inspired sustainable living systems
  • Mycoremediation chemistry and design concepts
  • Supporting and diversifying fungal-plant relationships

  • Extra Myco-Skills
  • Building soil health with mycorrhizal fungi
  • Wild mushroom identification
  • Resources & much more!
  • 3 years ago