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Thanks to everyone who has placed orders.  I'm beginning to get towards the sold out point but I will have some room for more orders.  If you are thinking about it, don't think too long or you may be disappointed.

                                                                                            >>>>>>TAKING ORDERS NOW<<<<<<

I'll be offering rooted Bocking 4 and Bocking 14 cuttings again this year. All plants are inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi. You all receive instructions on how to get the plants to recover quickly from the shipping shock.

$4.00/plant + Xpresspost shipping. I ship by Xpresspost bubble mailer on Mondays only which means that you'll have the plants within 3 days and avoid weekending in the post-office.

Unfortunately, I won't be offering pieces of root this year since supply is a bit limited and I want to let the mother plants put on some growth.

Payment is by Paypal or Interac.

eMail me at the address in my profile.  Please do not PM me as I have problems getting PM notifications and you may not get a response.

Mike Secondi wrote:Help. I still can't post under my first ID without getting a 10,000 character message.  Please advise.

Thank you.


Added:  The fix works. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Because it's a gut issue, we immediately think of what we are eating. 

But there might be another factor - stress.  There's certainly a lot of research on the connection to IBS and Crohn's .  Perhaps a cognitive behaviour approach, meditation or mindfulness might be helpful. 
6 months ago
Perhaps Joseph Lofthouse can shed some light on the situation. Perhaps, he can help. Carol sells seeds from his breeding efforts.
That's kind of you to say, Tim.  This was a tough year for growing plants - slow to break dormancy & slow to grow.  It was particularly tough for comfrey, it seems.  I had a couple of customers whose entire shipment did not take.  (I replaced the plants.) Never had that before but then again with plants, it's always something different.
Lot 1 $29,000 25 acres 231 Gradual slope
Lot 2 $39,000 25 acres 522 Elevated waterfront
Lot 3 SOLD 25 acres 880 Elevated peninsula
Lot 4 $45,000 25 acres 638 Elevated peninsula
Lot 5 $49,000 25 acres 710 Elevated peninsula

Lots 3, 4 and 5 are peninsula lots with wrap-around views of the water and generous waterfrontage.
All lots have plenty of space to build multiple dwellings.
Lot 5 borders on Crown land.
A gravel road is in place with power lines. The lot owners share road maintenance.

Eagle Ridge Green Website

Note: I have no affiliation with these listings.  The info came to me in a feed that I get.
7 months ago
Just to let everyone know that next year [2018], my prices will be going up to $4.00/rooted crown.  This is the first increase in price since I began offering crowns in 2014.