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North Idaho Farm for Rent – Sandpoint, Idaho
Market Garden/Subsistence Farm + House available for rent beginning Dec 1, 2018. Located on the Sunnyside Peninsula, 20-25 mins from Sandpoint, Idaho. Includes: unique 660 sq ft 1 bedroom house, 2 large hoop houses, 1 small seedling house, very fertile large market garden, storage shed, vegetable processing shed, wood shed, small barn, large chicken coop (needs insulating for winter months) on 7.5 acres. May also negotiate the use of the small self-contained travel trailer for guests or farm helpers. The organic, low-till garden is approx 3/4 acre, with raspberries, golden raspberries, blueberries, herbs, bulbs, perennials, thriving biodiversity and native medicinals for wildcrafting, etc. There is no pasture for grazing animals at present – only a large, fenced-in area attached to the barn. Meant for goats, but other livestock or re-purpose is possible. Includes 5 acres of forested property with mature cedar trees, diverse fungi, seasonal creek, a deep well with excellent water, grid electricity, wood heat. It is a two-minute walk to Lake Pend Oreille with public access. House includes wood-burning stove, wood-fired cookstove, dishwasher, new washer-dryer, mudroom with dog door, many other attributes.

Eligible renter(s) are those able to cultivate the garden organically (experience preferred), be comfortable and responsible in heating with wood, maintain the buildings and property as needed. Eligible renter(s) would adopt the two awesome indoor-outdoor cats that live here and look after things. I will pay for their food for the first 6 months. Preference given to renter(s) seeking long-term/multi-year lease. Preference given to mature couple or single person.
Excellent opportunity for a mature couple or able single person desiring to either market garden or have a subsistence farm/garden.
One year minimum lease.
Must have 4WD and good tires in winter.
Must be able-bodied to climb a short ladder to bedroom/loft.
May need to tend flock of chickens for the winter months until the portable coop can be moved in late spring.

Monthly rent: $900/month
Deposit: $2,000 (refundable)
Total move-in cost: $3,800 (first, last + deposit)

Renter Criteria
- On time payment of monthly rent and deposit
- Upkeep of house, outbuildings, infrastructure
- Cultivation of garden
- Care for greenhouses
- Excellent communication & relation with owner
- Respectful conduct in the neighborhood
- No drugs.

Please tell me about yourself if interested. Serious inquiries only. Interview required.
2 years ago
We are looking at doing a modified hugelkultur bed about 125' long, with varying width (5 - 12'). The area is an existing slope that comes off of the road (there is a drainage ditch on the opposite side of the road which catchs most of the runoff from the road, although here in N. Idaho, we are are a veritable rainforest in the spring and fall (28" annual rainfall). The hugelkultur would be built up on the south side only, about 4' at the greatest depth, to bring the angle of the slope from approximately 45 degrees to near level on top for planting fruit trees. Basically we are just moving the existing slope out toward our garden to accommodate the planting of fruit trees on a more or less level plane and into what will become some excellent soil.
So the question is, does anyone have any long-term experience with growing fruit trees on a hugelkultur in a non-desert locale? I understand the fruit trees, especially prunus family (plums, cherries, etc.), do not tolerate wet feet, and this is the driest area on our property. Would we be shooting ourselves in the foot by creating an area that would retain too much moisture and in effect end up drowning the trees?
Also, what is the least angle of slope that a hugelkultur can successfully maintain (we want it as vertical as possible to allow a good sized path between the hugelkultur and a new hoophouse.
8 years ago