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Hi everyone! I'm Kathryn, and I work with Juliet and the Chestnut Team. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the course! kathryn@chestnutherbs.com
4 years ago
Excited to see this topic and your book on here! This is something I've been learning a lot about and love to soak in new herbal wisdom. I've been drinking nettles, red clover, and red raspberry infusion (read about in Susun Weed's book) and love that there are many common plants that support conception.
5 years ago
July 26 - September 19
It's not too late to learn natural building this summer - there are still a few spots left! Join us in the mud to learn cob + adobe + slipstraw + wattle & daub & more with leading instructors.

REGISTER >> www.ashevillage.org/Natural-Building-School

Hands-On Projects
Wall systems: Cob, slipstraw, adobe, and stud frame with wattle & daub infills
Natural finishes: Exterior and interior earth plasters & paints
Foundation systems: Urbanite, stone & block; piers & posts
Regular building: Carpentry & construction skills
Wood-fired: Oven &/or Rumford fireplace
Systems Floor, wall & roof framing
Installations: Windows & doors
Tool use: Use & care
Living roofs

Theory & Classes
Load bearing & non load bearing wall systems
Site selection & working with the landscape
Passive solar design, heating & cooling
Engineering basics & structural integrity
Planning & budgeting for your building
The global context for natural building
Designing & managing the work site
Electric & plumbing
Permits & codes

5 years ago
Check out the lastest blog post from the Ashevillage Urban Farm School for a quick and easy recipe!
5 years ago
MEAD + KRAUT + KIMCHI, OH MY! >> September Fermentation Immersion

Learn with Asheville's leading fermentation instructors. Gain skills and meet others who are passionate about healthy (and tasty) food. Topics & techniques include: Kimchi + Kraut + Mead + Wine + Kombucha + Kafir + Tinctures + Teas + Yogurt + Cheese + Salsa + Vinegar & more. You will gain hands-on skills while living in a community setting at the Ashevillage Sanctuary, a beautiful guest house and eco-urban demonstration site next to downtown Asheville. Explore the local and vibrant culture, festivals and downtown area, as well as the mountains, rivers and trails of one of the most diverse bioregions on the planet.

Dates: September 7th - 30th, 2014
Location: Asheville, NC & the surrounding area
Info & Registration: www.ashevillage.org/Ferment
Contact: Stacey Murphy at stacey@ashevillage.org
5 years ago
[FREE CALL] Collaborative Leadership & Learning - Calls to Authentic Action with Charles Eisenstein, Wednesday, July 9, 8-9pm EDT

SIGN UP FOR FREE >> www.ashevillage.org/Live-Activation-Call-Series

How can we create the world our hearts know is possible? Join Charles Eisenstein, author of ‘Sacred Economics’ & ‘The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible’ as he share insights, experience & answers questions.

Hosted by Ashevillage Institute
5 years ago
Listen to [free] calls by earthen building maestros & community visionaries

Part of the Live Activation Call Series hosted by Ashevillage Institute and the Whole Earth Summit. The call recordings are available for free thru this Sunday, June 8. Listen to Mark Lakeman of The City Repair Institute & Village Building Convergence, Steveo Brodmerkel of the Natural Building School, & Janell Kapoor of Kleiwerks International & Ashevillage Institute share their insights on natural building, community building, and creating a more resilient, just and natural world.

5 years ago
THIS WEDNESDAY >> BRAD LANCASTER. April 30, 8-9pm EDT >> {F R E E} Live Activation Call Series: Wise Water & Thriving Community.

SIGN UP >> http://eepurl.com/SBqMP

ARE YOU CALLED >> To be a water champion? Join Brad Lancaster, rainwater harvesting wizard & author of ‘Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands & Beyond’, who transformed his backyard (& neighborhood) into a water oasis while building community & influencing city policy.

ASK BRAD A QUESTION >> At info@ashevillage.org by Tuesday, April 29 @ 4pm EDT.
5 years ago
Ashevillage Institute is excited to offer one-month community living immersions this summer as part of the Urban Farm School. Participants will gain hands-on skills while experiencing life in community while living at the Ashevillage Sanctuary, a beautiful eco-urban demonstration site next to downtown Asheville. The program is hands-on and practical, from plant identification & botany, herbal medicine making, and wild mushrooms, to woodland botanicals and Chinese medicinals. There will also be plenty of 'down time' to explore the local area.

DATES: June 1-26, 2014
LOCATION: Asheville, North Carolina ~ USA
INFO/ REGISTRATION: http://www.ashevillage.org/herbalism-wild-edibles-immersion
EMAIL: Stacey Murphy at stacey@ashevillage.org
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Ashevillage
5 years ago
Hi Emmett, thanks for sharing WWS with your networks!

Check out Andrew Faust's work: he's interested in clean air and clean water for NYC's bioregion: http://www.homebiome.com/
5 years ago