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Recent posts by Andrew Monkhouse

pete samson wrote:semi-offtopic: the original poster is 'anonymous'. Is that someone with a deleted account?

No, it was actually an anonymous user. The old forum software, as it was configured a long time ago, allowed for anonymous users. That configuration option was turned off quite some time ago in the old forum software, and is not allowed in the new forum software.
8 years ago
We try to make it as clear as possible that there is a difference between the name you use to login to the site and the publicly displayed name. See the attachment for how it appears on the registration page.

If you can think of a way that we can make this any clearer, we would really love to hear it.

P Thickens wrote:

Andrew Monkhouse wrote:Can you show an example of forum software that has this capability? If so, then we may be able to work out what they are doing and retrofit it.

vBulletin's WYSIWYG is the most prominent I know of.

OK - that looks do-able. vBulletin uses CKEditor, so it is at least feasible. Now it is just a matter of getting someone to work on it. I'll bring this up with the group of volunteers who make changes to the site, and see what they they think.
Can you show an example of forum software that has this capability? If so, then we may be able to work out what they are doing and retrofit it.

Elia Charalambides wrote:What has [Paul] done...that is his?

Hi Elia, glad to have you on this site. There can be value in determining the real-world versus theoretical knowledge of those you listen to, and I think it is safe to say that in Paul's case it is many years of hands-on experience combined with the theory of why the practice works. While I am not remotely qualified to answer that question, there are a couple of quick things I can point you to that show he has, at least, some practical experience:

When I met Paul (many years ago), he was temporarily in an urban environment. It was easy to find his house - it was the one with the raised beds out the front. You can see some of his raised beds here. If you would like a little more specificity, then the urban ones are the ones here (and they produced wonderful vegetables).

Prior to that, I know Paul used to have a farm. There are some pictures of the chickens he used to have, that were completely free to roam anywhere and everywhere.

There are many other things that I know Paul has had hands-on experience with, before, during, and after those two small examples. I suspect the best thing to do though, is to look at what he has written / the podcasts he has made, and see if it makes sense.
9 years ago
I've received confirmation from Bitdefender support that this was incorrect, and the detection has been removed. I assume that next time your software gets updated the erroneous warnings will go away.
I'm looking into it. There are a lot of reports of this being a false positive based on Google advertisements - I suspect that this will be the case here, but I will check into it.