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Heating/Cooling company in Cornwall Ontario had sign for many summers that said "Your wife if HOT!!! We have great prices on Air Conditioners"
4 months ago
I have ALOT of black locust on my property, more than I can deal with.  But its a great tree species as everyone here knows, nitrogen fixer and all that. I pollard them feed the  branches to my cows who love (leaves have comparable protein to alphalfa) them then use branches as fuel and I make biochar from them. I  will start to chip them to mulch my garden too.  

Ive wanted to get some thornless honey locust on my property and feed the pods to the cows. But I have nt sourced any yet. I do have some seedings growing in the house but it will be a long time before I have pods from those babies.  Anyways my neighbour has trees that have confused me for years. They look like honey locust but Ive never see pods on them. So I asked her what they were and they are honey locust but a pod-less (not pod free) variety and is willing to give me some seedlings. My question is if they dont produce pods is there any point in having them since I have lots of black locust. Should I bother?
4 months ago
Hi I am in Apple Hill!  Welcome to Glengarry! I raise beef on pasture and garden. Cut my own firewood. May be putting in an RMH this fall.  I work in Ottawa. Gone 12 hours a day. So progress on the homestead is slow but steady. No shortage of things to do.
4 months ago
Is there a thornless variety of black locust?

I coppice my BL for fuel wood.  The thorns are a real PIA.  If we could breed a thornless variety it would make a great tree even better.
6 months ago
With apologies to Ezra Pound (In a Station of the Metro)

The apparition of these feces in the leaves:
Petals in a wet, black bucket.
9 months ago
Raised golden eckdorf in my garden last year for pigs.  I realized I did nt have enough garden space and the mangels were not worth the space they took up. If you are equipped to plant them on a field scale it would be.  Pigs loved them. My one raised bed of mangels fed 7 pigs 2 meals.
9 months ago
If you have access to a wood lot then heating with firewood is the cheapest source of heat going.  In the past I have cut wood with a chainsaw and split it with a hydraulic splitter. Not the cheapest way to go but the easiest. Still cheaper than fossil fuels but I have begun exploring using an ax to cut, buck and split my wood. Its not easy or fast but instead of investing $1000 on a chainsaw and $2500 on a splitter  and fuel and lube all you need is a $10 antique ax head , a $15 store bought handle , $15 axe file and  a $10 sharpening stone.  $50 and you have a lifetime of firewood and good physical exercise.  My favourite youtuber Skillcult has great vids on cutting wood with just an axe and a cordwood chalenge that I am doing.

Put a sweater on, woolen socks  and a tuque! And why not curl up under blanket while on couch? What ever your heat source, do you need so damn much of it? I keep my house in low 40's F in winter.  A block of firewood not burnt is a block of firewood less you have to cut for next year.

When shopping for a new wood stove look for dealers that sell refurbished stoves.  I bought a nearly brand new refurb stove for $700 last year that would have cost over $2800 new.

Other frugal tips is burn your old soup bones in the fire for extra minerals in your garden (you are applying your wood ash to the garden right???).  Of course  seed saving.

Check local butchers for pigs feet. You can get them for free or nearly free.  I make awesome pigs feet and bean soup for pennies a meal.

'rent' videos for free from your library.

9 months ago
Man this brings up memories.  Went trough same thing myself years ago. Did nt end well for me. Divorce, heart break, and 13 straight years of financial hardship.  I try not to think about past anymore, focus on future is healthier.

That is to say avoid divorce like the plague.  If  you divorce DO NOT leave your home until everything is settled otherwise you will be seen as abandoning your son and that will be used against you.  As sole bread winner you would pay not only child support but spousal too.

I would drop the matter for a while but  begin by subtly  reminding her that NO works both ways. Does she want more kids?? Sorry, no more until you are both happy about your future plans together.  Its not fair to any future offspring to bring them into this world with uncertainty hanging over your heads. Always wear a codom. Dont leave family planning to her.

When she points to nice house she would like you to buy for her with your income. Say No. Its not what you want.
Put your family on an austerity budget and save as much as you can for as long as you can.  Best way to cut down a 30 year mortgage is to put down as big of a downpayment is possible.
In the meantime volunteer at Habitat for Humanity builds. Great way to gain skills.

Can Grandma babysit? If so why cant princess get a job and start making contributions to YOUR future.  Put all of her take home towards downpayment.
11 months ago
This is also another outcome of one of the most powerful laws ever not written. The law of unintended consequences. Thanks to technology  demand for pulp is way down.  People get their news online not from newspapers. So no need for all that news print, so no need for those pulp logs. When people read books its often on their kindle so same result no need for pulp logs. Cities are passing laws against heating with wood.  Furniture manufacturing is too often done overseas with local (to them!) lumber.

We need to support our forest industries  by reading books and newspapers again. We also need to  heat our houses with firewood (I know of no terrorist attack funded by lumberjacks) and wood is carbon neutral  while oil , gas and electricity are not and when you have wood supply for winter its an uniteruptable source of heat.
And by all means try to buy quality wood furniture by local craftsmen. Oh and for gods sake buy real freaking christmas trees!!

11 months ago
Welcome to Permies Bob.

You are right. Insurance will never insure home owner built RMH. What advocates of RMH should do is see this as an opportunity and become WETT certified and fully insured installers of RMHs and make a business of building RMHs  and dealing with insurance companies for others. I think there could be  good business in that.  Paul has all these RMH Myth videos .  I notice that he has nt done one on the "myth" that homeowner built RMH can not be insured.  Probably because its not a myth.  

Paul: maybe I am dead wrong. Do the video showing how easily RMH can be insured and give lots of case studies of people getting insurance for their RMH.  But if they cant be insured then why are you promoting  them as a solution for most peoples primary asset, their homes??
11 months ago