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Recent posts by Jeff Marchand

buy old boars from livestock auctions. Very Very cheap. Like 5 cents a pound live weight. Meat may have boar taint, if so feed to dog. If not feed to family and dog.
4 months ago
I watched this last night .  Warning its over an hour long and while I admire Elon Musk and think he is one of the most important people working to save the planet alive today he is a bit eccentric and his personality may not be to everyone's tastes.  TLDR: Elon has set up a $100M prize to find solutions to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and oceans. 1st place : $50M 2nd:$30M and $20M in seed capital. I think he is leaning towards technological solutions but is open to biological ones.

I am enormously impressed with Geoff Lawton's Greening the Desert project in Jordan and I think it would fit the Elon's bill to a T.  Not only would Mr. Lawton winning be an incredible shot in the arm to the permaculture movement but more importantly can you imagine how much better and peaceful the world would be if Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Israel, Syria, and Iraq were transformed back into the 'lands of milk and honey' that they were in Biblical times before we humans ruined the landscapes. How many megatons of carbon would also be extracted from the air and stored into newly fertile soil?  I dont know of anyone with more credibility and actual experience in dry land permaculture than Mr. Lawton.

Any suggestions on how we can ask Mr. Lawton to compete? Im just a permie nobody.

4 months ago
I make most main courses with mine. I love it.
5 months ago
Thrift Stores? Clothes may not have been sustainably made but that impact has already been done. They may not be compostable and you will have to send them to landfill but they were headed there anyways.  Plus you normally support a good cause by shopping there and you save money.
5 months ago
You cant go wrong with Ostrya virginiana aka  hop hornbeam aka ironwood for tool handles
5 months ago
Measure the distance from the outside of one back tire to the outside of the other back tire of any tractor you are considering buying.  This distance should not be more than width of the brush hog.  Otherwise you will inevitably leave lines of brush you think you mowed but did nt with each pass.

Ive been clearing some old fields with my tractor and brush hog here are some tips I learned through bitter experience.

1- Don't run RPM over 540 if you have woody material greater than 2 inches in diameter
2-Cut material over 2 inches with a saw , save your brushhog. Ask me how I know!
3-Mow, mow, mow and mow again. Goal is to starve the roots carbohydrate energy.  Dont let them grow back!
5 months ago
Hey everyone, I thought I would post about a project I am undertaking to renovate a roughly 3 acre field with pigs.  The goal is to  grow my own pig food, eradicate undesirable plant species (especially sedge grass) , add biomass to the soil then either after one season or two seed the field into a good pasture mix for my cattle.

I have 2 batches of 10 pigs, one is older and larger and will be ready for the summer BBQ season.  They will the pioneers pigs who will do the initial rooting and ripping up of the sod.  They will get store bought food in addition to what they root up.  They will live behind an electric fence and have an old livestock trailer as their home and will be moved every day.  Once they have moved I will broadcast mangel-wurzel, turnip and cow peas where they were.

The second batch of pigs are currently weaners and wont go to freezer camp until November.  Once they are older and ready to go out on the field they will be pioneer pigs too for a while until the root crops are ready to eat then they will go and gorge on mangels, turnips and peas.  Im looking into getting a Jersey cow and fattening the pigs with her milk throughout the season.  

Last year I planted a cider orchard, this year's pigs wont be finished on pomace but in a few years I will have some of the best pork going.

What Y'all think?  I'll keep this thread posted with updates and photos.

5 months ago
We are not always White (i.e. covered in snow) but we are always Great!
They were there when I bought the place.  They had taken over some areas that had become no go zones due to their thorns.  Cutting them down only encourages them unless you follow up with animals and or mowing with machines.  Ruminants LOVE black locust leaves.  Cattle will eat only so much in one go. Goats will eat them 24x7 if they could.  Best succes in eliminating them I had was to cut trees then graze with goats for a year. Second year I put pigs in to disturb roots. That seemed to do them in.

In their place they are a great tree. I have some in open fields. Cattle keep the new shoots under control. I pollard a third of branches each year on each tree and feed to beef. Branches make excellent kindling. Wood burns very hot and long. A very desirable firewood.

Ive used them as fence posts. Its true the heartwood is rot resistant but the sapwood is not.  The wood is very hard which makes driving nails when fencing difficult. I prefer to use eastern white cedar (thuja occidentallis) for fencing since it is a softwood and takes a nail so much easier.

In early June my homestead smells of jasmine and the sound of bees buzzing fills the air.

I still plan to plant rows of BLs as a silvopasture to fix N feed my honey bees , my cattle and my wood stove.

Best Regards and feel free to ask any question about this sonewhat controversial tree.
7 months ago
You bought a Sedore model 403 or 4000? Have you contacted sedore usa?

My sedore 2000 easily over heats my 1500sqft home.  If you have a 4000 omg i hope you have a big house!! Or lots of windows to open
7 months ago