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Recent posts by Jeremiah wales

Is anyone selling worms for Composting? I would like to start out a bin for worms. I can use for Fishing.
8 years ago
I reuse plastic bottles as bowls and funnels. But the problem is I only need so many of these funnels. Most of the 2ltr plastic bottles will take cold but they will not take boiling water. Try it sometime. They shrink down to 2/3 of the size as soon as they get boiling water in them.
9 years ago

Chris Sturgeon wrote:Sorry for the two part post. I do most of my Permies surfing from work so my available time is limited.

I found a fairly clear page outlining things like chain tension, limiting screws and barrel adjustments. Check it out.

Let me know if you come across any issues. Once you get the limits set, you can pretty much tune by ear while riding... just tighten or loosen your shifter's barrel adjusters as you ride and listen for the sweet spot where your shifting makes the least amount of clatter.

Chris are you still around or did you leave us?
9 years ago

David Livingston wrote:I wonder if a tandem two person wagon would work ? Seems cool . Here in France there are lots of long distance cycle paths with camping at frequent intervals.


Sorry, But this picture looks staged. How would it attach to a bike. It is obviously heavier than a bike, Or a bike and rider. Would it tip you over? Could you pull it more than a hundred feet? It looks cool. If it were lite enough it would be great.
How............ Hmmmm.
Does anyone have any other pictures?
9 years ago
But........... I would want to get more creative on the look. I do not have a problem with the buckets, I think the idea is great. Just having it look like homeless luggage. Paint scratches off. Stickers just look like kitty litter buckets with stickers. Slide them into a material bag of some kind?
Other problem for me would be I would load them up too heavy for the carrier or bike fender. I know the bucket would hold it. But the bike rack and fender?
9 years ago
Some guys here just like to spend too much money. Here is a cheaper way. Longer wheelbase. Handles well. Customize your baskets on sides. Tie downs. Front basket and bags on the side. ........... Oh so you say you do not have a Tandem.. Well here is one guys welding and it just looks ugly. He took two matching Mountain bikes cut and welded in three. Yes that's right THREE places. on the Frame... Only three places.

9 years ago
As I read this. The thought of using firebricks standing on end comes to mind. They are about an inch thick. Would that be any better? Instead of a concrete slab on my furnace. I placed it a concrete board. thirty six inches wide and sixty inches deep.
9 years ago
New question..........
Where is the best place to put your hitch? Where does it distribute the weight best. Center of gravity. turning radius.
On rear axle?
Behind rear axle?
high up above the rear wheel on a rack?
9 years ago
Great you want a big trailer that can haul a lot of stuff. Yes it is possible. But......... lets say you load it up with 500 lbs of stuff. How are you going to pull it. I can pull one of those for a block or so. But then its time to wake up. I have a trailer that entire trailer and load is 120 lbs. That is the maximum that I want to haul for several miles. I like to haul stuff in my trailer. But it can not weigh more than me and the bike that I am pulling it with.
Just my ideas and uses. We are talking a bike here..
9 years ago
WOW, Interesting comments from everyone. I have a wood stove. Actually a wood furnace. I will not stop it from burning for 6 months. It stays going all day all night. I always have coals in there in the morning. I always have some ash in there. If I want to save wood. I let the fire go down a bit . It is always easy to just throw wood in on the red coals every morning. If it is really cold outside, I wake up about five am and fill it again. But that is only when it is really cold outside.
If I shut down the air intake, No it does not burn as hot. But it still burns slowly.
My house has been burning wood for over 90 years now. Not with me, But other owners.
I use a wood stove, not any other type of contraption. we get the wood from the property or local area. real wood from the area. Not construction lumber or paper or pellets. Just wood. Usually Hardwood. but sometimes just whatever we have dead on the property. It all produces heat for the house in the winter.
Your answer is right there, Just experiment with your stove.
Good luck
9 years ago