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Hi Paul

This is the second kickstarter of yours I've supported (the other was the 4 dvd RMH in 2015) and I want to thank you for putting so much great stuff in it. Curiously, I didn't get the the Wofati Microdoc, the skiddable structures & porta-cabin Microdoc, or the 12 Rocket Mass Heaters at Wheaton Labs Microdoc in the ledger in "my stuff". Where can I get them?

Also, where can I find the video of the Door Thermometer? I can't find it in the main video.

Thanks once again for all the great stuff.
Anyone else watching Star Trek Discovery and fascinated by the story of the galaxy wide Mycelium spore network and the scientific work being conducted by Lt. Paul Stamets? The Mycelium spores are a significant part of the story.
Did Paul Stamets consult for the series or did the writers read Mycelium Running and honour his work by naming the scientist character after him? There are too many similarities for it to be a mere co-incidence.
3 years ago
I haven't received an email. I checked the spam folder and searched for emails containing scubbly but without success. I shall send an email to SUPPORT@SCUBBLY.COM
Ah ... I approached the local government and managed to have a few meetings, but got frustrated by the slow pace and endless barriers. Once I have resolved a few other projects, I will attempt to follow up on this and push it further. If I get anywhere I shall post back here.
4 years ago
A local council is looking for ways to recycle the organic waste that is collected each week by trucks. Currently they dump it into landfill and let it putrefy, poison the land and water-tables and release methane. They are interested in exploring alternatives.

Are there any examples of large scale organic waste recycling already in production? Examples exist of shopping malls and education institutes that have started using bokashi systems to process their food court and canteen waste. However, I haven't heard of anything quite on the scale of municipal waste (hundreds of tonnes of organic waste per week). I think bokashi could scale to that size but finding containers big enough to seal the waste within could be challenging.

Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.
4 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:http://www.changelabsolutions.org/sites/default/files/CommunityGardenToolkit_Final_(CLS_20120530)_20110207.pdf (copy address and paste; link doesn't work)

There are many resources for creating community gardens, on the web.

That is amazing toolkit. I love the way it walks through the options of the agreement between the gardeners and the land owner. The other resources there look excellent too.
5 years ago
I'd volunteer my time to help, but I'm afraid my web skills are far from good enough to even know where to start on creating a repository for Permaculture based resources. Hopefully, someone is already creating that shared resource somewhere.
5 years ago
I wish there was a central repository that stored Permaculture assets like courses, presentations, images, designs, contracts etc. It would be so great to have a template of a contract that is discussed and crowd developed and could be downloaded and then customised or translated or whatever.

Permies is great for sharing ideas, but the Permaculture community needs more than forums. Imo it needs shared resources.
5 years ago
Those are some interesting points. I shall follow your advice and discover what penalties and taxes exist on vacant land plots in the city and then incorporate that information into the approach.

What do you think about a contract? Would it reduce objections and fears? Do you know of any examples where a contract was used?
5 years ago
I would love to see some of the vacant lots in our city converted to a mini urban farm and was looking for advice about how to approach the owner. I want to approach them with an offer of using the land to grow food and dividing the yield between the owner, the workers and local community rather than renting the land from them. The obvious fear that land owners have is that the garden will compromise their ability to sell the land or build a carpark or building on it later. So, I was considering creating a contract that basically says that the rights of the land remain with the owner, that we will only build garden beds on top of the land, that we will get off the land within X months notice and we will remove the gardens. The benefits to the owner are they get some organic produce, their land is enhanced in some way (potentially increasing their chances of selling it) and they get to feel good about themselves (with bragging rights) for doing something for the community and the environment with no effort nor risk to themselves.

So ... any suggestions or advice? Would this work? Any examples of this already working or examples of a contract?
5 years ago