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Recent posts by Dan Allen

I agree with skandi. It used to be considered a subspecies of maitake but now has it's own name.
1 day ago
Fresh valerian root, fresh spearmint and honey. Great muscle relaxer and you'll wake up feeling fully rested.
2 days ago
I believe it's Canadian clearweed, pilea pumila. A sign of moist fertile soil. Hope that helps.
2 days ago
Those second ones are definitely wild strawberries. That would be interesting to see what you get with a cross to the wild strawberry. The cinquefoil is potentilla norvegica, brought to the u.s. by Norwegian pioneers for medicine. What is the white flower? I like to collect and propagate wild plants as well.
2 days ago
I believe you have a rough cinquefoil. It's a weed, distantly related to strawberry, but doesn't make berries. Hope that helps.
2 days ago
Thanks to whoever removed the double-posted pictures. Not sure what I did there.

I cut down the peach tree and measured the stump. It was 4" in diameter and had 4 rings. So pretty much an inch a year. Pruned up the sucker too.
6 days ago
I think it looks like sunburn. Were they started indoors or in a greenhouse? It looks like water acted like a magnifying glass on the edges. If it is sunburn they will grow out of it. Hope that helps.

Barbara Rosendahl wrote:

Dan Allen wrote:Awesome project. We have a food forest in the treasure coast region as well. Where our food forest is might see 0-3 light frosts a winter. Like 28-32 for an hour just before sunrise. Average lows in January is something like 54. Yearly average low is 62. Just a couple degrees short of an am/af climate.

 Would love to see photos of your food forest for inspration!  Id like to eventually create walking paths throughout the yard.

 Would you likr some Everglade Tomatoe Seeds?  Weve had a overload this year!

If you look at my profile you can view my permaculture snowbird thread. Lots of pics on there, but I just started last winter, so not as far along as you. I would love some Everglades seeds. I would be happy to contact you when I'm back in Florida in the fall.
6 days ago
Yeah there is a real beauty to a warm temperate climate. I've seen videos of snow falling on pomelos and people harvesting snow blanketed veggies in Sichuan. I think the hills of Georgia would be my second choice after Florida.
But my dream homestead would be somewhere in the central American highlands, like Selva negra, or Antigua.
6 days ago