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Recent posts by Kaye Derama

Well, I'm thinking of a lot of things now because of this post and in the end I was like "WHAT"
All I can say is, I'm 19. Whether I'm that young or that old for anyone I can make decisions on my own and I earn my own money too. I believe that sexism is true but in my point of view it actually depends on the person if he/she is going to let stereotyping for man and woman affect his/her life. I have a boyfriend, we are 4 years apart and we are very dissimilar in some ways but we respect each others wants or likes or decisions or whatever. People become who they are by what they believe in so it's really up to you whether or not you'll let sexism in your mind and let it run over your life or be open-minded and welcome every person you meet. Never judge and look into the good they have inside, man or woman, rich or poor, old or young.
8 years ago

I'm sure almost everyone had seen this movie. Can you imagine what the world will be like if there were no liars? Yes, we teach our kids everyday not to lie but can you picture yourself, not lying all the time? People tend to correct people but it seems hard to correct their selves first. Ask yourselves this, can I be an honest to God person all the time or should lying be tolerated because in some cases lying is essential for it is, as they say, "human nature"?
8 years ago

Make Your Own Meat Jerky At Home
In the old days, there was no electricity nor were there chemicals that could preserve food for the people. But, they came up with a process to do so and that is turning raw meat into jerky. The best thing about a jerky is that fats are removed from the meat which makes it healthy to eat. To insure that you’re eating a healthy and safe jerky, try making some at home.
Step One:
Select the best cut of meat. Most people choose the sirloin part because it will save you more time from cutting. But there are other options too, like the flank steak and the top round. Remember that there are verities of jerky now a days, so your choice will not be limited to beef alone. You can have turkey or deer and a lot more.

Step Two:
You have to remove the fats attached on the meat. Fats will spoil the jerky faster so it needs to be removed and it will add more flavor to the meat. You can remove the fats while cutting the meat.

Step Three:
Marinate the slices of meat with a seasoning of your choice. Make sure that you soaked or massaged the meat into the seasoning, to insure that the flavor sinks in, before putting it in the fridge. Let it marinate for 12-24 hours but this is optional. Just know that the longer you marinate the meat the more it absorbs the flavor.

Step Four:
Using a dehydrator, remove all moisture and juice from the meat. If you don’t have one, you can use an oven. The cooking time varies on the size of the meat so watch and observe the consistency of the meat while you’re cooking it.

Step Five:
After coking, you can now place the jerky on a dry plate. For storage, you can use a mason jar and refrigerate it. Enjoy eating your homemade jerky!

Note: Home made Jerky spoils within 2 weeks.
If you have a recipe for any kind of jerky please leave a comment!
8 years ago