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Recent posts by Dustin Powers

I just picked up 30 1' seedlings, and 50 lbs of nut from washingtonchestnut.com. Washington has a chestnut blight quarantine so finding sources can be a challenge.

I plan on direct seeding all the nuts, and planting all the seedlings, in the next week. Most of them will go in my native clay soil. My goal is 5-15% success, following the STUN method. This should effectively thin out any phenotypes that wouldn't survive falling on the ground and sprouting on their own.

Next spring I plan on buying 500 more seedlings from them and doing the same thing. If anybody else in the PNW is interested in seedlings next spring, let me know and we can combine orders for a better price.
8 years ago
Well I did this backwords.

Got the privlage of driving Mr Hemenway to the airport, but had no idea there was a dinner involved.

8 years ago
Same everything, from the same nursery, same general location, planted at the same time
8 years ago
I got mine from a nursery in Bellingham, when I remember the name of the place ill repost
8 years ago
So if this is normal, I wonder what type of indicator it is?
8 years ago

a book of instructions, esp. for operating a machine or learning a subject; a handbook.

synonyms: handbook, instructions, guide, how-to book, primer, guidebook

I believe its just the proper term for the book of papers he assembled.
Dogs found one today, ended up with quil beards.

Tomorrow he is mine. I know where they found it, the eat hemlock, and they stay pretty close to their den this time of year.

Any one eat these guys or have any tips about dde-quilling them?
8 years ago
I planted this grafted plum tree, along with 6 other ones on my south facing food forest in the fall of 2012. It sent leaves and grew normally last year like the rest of them. This year the rest have leaves and new growth shoots, this one is completely white with blossom. Literaly 100% flowers.

Any one else see this before? Ill post pictures in the morning.
8 years ago
Back from the dead..

How do I see view count on a mobile device?

I cant find a way to attach my mouse... giggles
Voices is great, everyone needs to go! The networking alone is worth it, we will be going every year from here on.

Diego has done more than I could even imagine so I feel slightly guitly about posting things I see missing, but constructive criticism is good right?

1. Name tags: should have a TSP badge, and should have my location on it(most people added this) so I know whom to direct more of my networking towards.

2. Organized social events: lunch and dinner today are a social mingle, wish they would start us out in our region.

3. Voices website: I wish there was a forum on the voices website that you get access to when you buy tickets so that you could organise rides, accommodations, etc.

And Paul, use the army more man! You told us you are aware of the power of your army, use it for more things. Maybe team up with Spirko, the TSP army is strong too, together we will conquer.

Im typing this from your opening keynote. For every hater not here, theres a shit ton of females here.

Voices is NOT sexist.

Paul, while bold, brash, and outspoken, is NOT a sexist.

Bring it trolls, theres no slop for you to feed on here.
8 years ago