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read the sales document closely

usually there is a clause for final inspection

you can back out of a deal if an inspector that you hire finds something wrong

aka the "deal killer"

to back out of any deal
2 years ago
Thank you, that was a wonderful well thought out reply.  I appreciate you taking the time to respond!

2 years ago
From Oregon?
What should I know?
I'm looking for off grid 100-200 acres, or more. Cheap land.  I am looking to spend between $200k-300k,  I want to put a double wide or single wide, then build a large shop (40x60), and frame in one area as an office(12x20).  I want timber land, with slight hills, but enough area for growing and animals.  I want to buy a saw mill (electric or PTO), and I already have various tractors and a backhoe.  I was hoping off the grid with solar (10kw, with expected 1kw per day in winter) and a small diesel backup generator (2.5kw), and battery bank (20x100amp12v)

I want to do feeder cows, grow hemp seed, and medical herb (not marijuana).  

What should I know about Montana? What are the taxes like? What about water rights?  What about the "department of sad people"?  Are there property taxes? Do the regulators hassle you over small stuff like permits?  What's the freezing level in the soil? Whats the grow season like? I am planning on having a large greenhouse with starts, and putting them out whenever the lows hit 40s (which is what I do in Oregon) .  I see that the temperature in September starts at 90, and ends at 30.  Is the grow season basically over on Oct 1st? Is it basically May 30-Oct 1st?  Whats the snow load/pitch for buildings, and what is the R-value?  How much is gas a gallon, propane, a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk in rural areas?  What's the best time to come visit and explore and where should I go?

I am from Oregon obviously and currently have a homestead.

Oh also if WW3 starts, will Montana be blown to bits? Do I need a bomb shelter?
I need to be within 45minutes or an hour from a area with Walmart, because I need access to scrap metal and motor oil.  Are there harbor freights in Montana? What about fedex/ups and Amazon prime waaay out in nowhere?  How is the post office, do they lose your mail?  What do native Montana-ians think of Oregonians?   Are they generally welcoming? How do I be respectful if I move there?
2 years ago
Harbor frieght sells a cheap metal cutoff tool which is basically a spinning disc that cuts metal. Sorry I don't think they have harbor freight in France yet!
6 years ago
I just want to say thank you so much. I didn't think I'd be able to build one of these this winter, but I have almost the all the exact same scrap around and your post has given me just enough details to try to build one. I just need a beater to get me through one winter. Can I ask you a few questions? How does your ash box work? Can you show me a picture of that opening? Is it possible you could take a picture with a tape measure in front of the firebox opening? Are the pipes inside the insert for the firebox for air intake? Do they go all the way back, or how far? Can you show me a picture of your inside exhaust install? What is fire cement and where can I get it? Thank you.
6 years ago
Can anybody else help me do this with metal? I need encouragement. This is what I want to do. please help.
6 years ago
Also don't forget that when exhaust carbon monoxide is re-burnt to make CO2, the reaction also creates H2O. I'd have to think for several hours (and go back to my science days, I use to be able to figure this out in 5 minutes.. sigh) to figure out how much CO -> CO2 + H2O would equal 3L per day, but just wanted to remind you that these reactors naturally create H2O in the burning process.
6 years ago
I have a welder, an angle grinder, cutoff tool, etc and a bunch of non-galvanized water tanks.
I want to purchase a 4"x4" length of Square Tube steel (see the video here from a guy on ebay selling them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ks8HQothtk#t=76)

Here is what I want to do:

I want to take one of the water tanks and cut it in half and weld it after I am done constructing it. I want to cut a hole for inserting wood and perhaps do a J-Tube.

My questions are in the lengths I should cut and the size of the tubing.

My place is 200 sqft tiny house stick frame.

I want to do a J-tube, but it doesn't matter.
In general, is using steall square tubing that is 4"x4" to big or to small? There is 5", 6", and 3". Does the size matter? Does the inserting-wood-side need to be bigger or smaller then the exhaust or insidie tube?

What should be the size of the inside tube pipe?
What length should be the tube inside the steel water tank?
What clearance should it have from the top of the water tank?
What clearance should it have, if at all, at the bottom of the tank?

What should be the length of the side insert where I place wood?
How far out should it come from the water tank?

What should be the size of the hole for the exhaust?
Should the exhaust be above or below the firewood insert area?

What should be the thickness of the insulation around the inside tube? I want to use Perlite.
Should it be 1", 2", 5"?
What should be the cubic area inside of the water tank in general for a good burn?
Can I put mass inside the water tank to hold heat?
Can I pipe the exhaust sideways outside of my building without going through my roof?

Please help me figure this out.

6 years ago
Hey I might have some short term volunteer work if you are interested. I'm really close to you in Southern Oregon, I'm eight miles from the California border on hw199. If you want to swing up to Oregon for a half a week or more in Feb to kick off your trip. So far its been just me and my handicap neighbor. Yeah I installed a 16' gate by myself. I also lifted a 75lb loft bed and balanced it on my shoulders while drilling it in the side of my wall, somehow it worked out great. It would sure be nice to have an extra hand! Yes I am terrible at some things like framing in a door and stuff like fencing, mainly because I'm stubborn. Right now I'm trenching my water line. By hand, digging rods and a pick axe. Missed the weather as its 20 degrees now and my poly pipe is laying out in the field:) Oh well, I just walk down to the well house for water. I'm in the very beginning of my land (<1 year), and I'm not exactly an expert at any of this stuff, but having fun! I'm hoping to put in a pond around that time of year, but I haven't finalized my plans yet. PM for my personal email because I don't check here often. Feb is cold and wet here.


6 years ago
Hey where are you located in Southern Oregon? I'm down there near the redwood highway. Anyway regarding your water, 5 gallons jugs won't be enough. Myself I can survive on 2 gallons a day (bucket shower, dishes, and food) _barely_. Typically its 7 gallons per person per day. Until we got the well working a few days ago (and after it cleared up), we were using about 10-12 gallons everyday (thanks to my neighbor we could fill up our water). When our seasonal creek was flowing, we used my mini-washer machine which uses 15 gallons per load and filtered drinking water. My advice is to buy those 55 gallon plastic water barrels. Until I run the water pipe up to my place right now I fill one up in my pick up truck and then I siphon that into another one on the other side of my property where my camper is. Then I siphon 5 gallons out at a time. Anyway you can buy these barrels between $15 and $25 each. For 3 weeks, at 7 gallons a day thats 147 gallons, JUST for dishes, a bucket shower and food. You would need to fill up three barrels and siphon (or unload them) to three more on the ground. You can get a well drilled for about $2500 and if you do a lot of research you can get a well head (pump, tank, fittings, wiring, cables) for under $500. And you aren't even talking about irrigation yet. Good luck!
7 years ago