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Gurkan Yeniceri

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since Feb 12, 2013
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Started growing food around 2007. Took a PDC in 2016. Wrote a cheesemaking book in 2009, a beekeeping book in 2015 and an aquaponics book in 2016. I am giving workshops on these subjects in Canberra.
Australia, Canberra
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Recent posts by Gurkan Yeniceri

For a very cold climate, I would advise Langstroth or Warre with at least 2" thick walls and a good insulating roof.

Perone would be too big for them to heat
11 months ago
Software-wise: Install free- open source OpenShot, Blender and InkScape

You can create nice titles within OpenShot (it uses Blender and InkScape)

Keep videos to 10-15 minutes for increased watchability

Put explanatory text around the video like the tools you used, the grade of sandpaper etc. with links to your amazon affiliated  shop

There are tons of royalty-free music on YT to use in your videos.
11 months ago
I am 175cm and do Aikido pretty much all my life so I am aware of the pivot point, fulcrum etc. Maybe I need better tools, slightly sharpened on the edges so they go into the ground without much pressure.

Thanks for the video.
1 year ago
I find myself bending while I am working with a digger or spade. This puts a lot of stress at my back.

I am thinking, would it be beneficial to have a longer handle? Wouldn't that height proportional to a human's height somehow? Wouldn't we gain some mechanical advantage with a longer handle?

Any thoughts?
1 year ago
Welcome to Acadia. I thank you for your efforts to write and publish this book.
People usually bogged down too much with the details and forgot why they are gardening. Your book may pull them back to their roots.
1 year ago
Garlic, Tanacetum vulgare and Ruta graveolens are the companions but I am not sure about the guilds.
1 year ago
Would building an aquaponics system to hold trout count as fish keeping?
1 year ago
Our Turkish Angora is also very active. 6 months old now but still a kitten to me :-D

Happy Kitten Day
1 year ago

Diane Kistner wrote:

You forgot Poetry!

I sure did
1 year ago