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since Feb 12, 2013
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Started growing food around 2007. Took a PDC in 2016. Wrote a cheesemaking book in 2009, a beekeeping book in 2015 and an aquaponics book in 2016. I am giving workshops on these subjects in Canberra.
Australia, Canberra
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Recent posts by Gurkan Yeniceri

My wife used Epino Delfin Plus to prevent tear for all 3 pregnancies and it worked. She also used gas and tens machine on the first one but on second and third ones, she didn't use any pain killer.

She read a lot about natural birth and we bought homeopathy things like Arnica, CalFos, some essential oils she liked.

We also used soothing music to calm the mind.
1 month ago
I don't know if you can grow but I was biting into some ripe mango pits the other day. The fibers attached to the pit went in between my teeth. They even broke some teeth plaque.

It is annoying though while the fibers stuck in between your teeth, but they go away after a while or with the help of a toothpick.
1 month ago
I have access to enormous amount spent coffee grounds. If I can somehow turn this into charcoal and use on my gardens, that would be awesome.

I know how charcoal made in low oxygen combustion chambers. They pile the wood up and cover it with hay and earth. Once the core burns under low oxygen, it turns into charcoal.

If I pack spent coffee grounds in tin cans with couple of holes at the top and burn them, I might have coffee charcoal. I will try this.
1 month ago
Amazing. The solution to sewage problem is embarrassingly simple (Thanks Grandpa Bill)

Thanks for the link Greg
1 month ago
Depending on the climate and locality there is also the cat fish either channel cat fish of Europe or the Tandanus species of Australia (eel tailed cat fish). These can reproduce in small systems (aquaponics) or ponds and can be a sustainable food source.

1 month ago
Horse Radish, yacoon, garlic chives, sunchokes, oca are my best.

Gotu Kola, mint, perennial basil, parsley, hop, sorrel, wild leek are also thriving.

I've always wanted asparagus and killed 6 crowns so far. I need to rethink my strategy on that.

Forgot to add Alpine strawberry. They are also good eating
1 month ago
We get rainbow trout in Canberra and that is the best suited fish to our climate.

We can also get Silver perch and Tandanus Catfish which may survive winter temps.
2 months ago
Stephen, yes, it will work. I always utilize bone broth bones this way.
2 months ago
My wife suddenly became allergic to polen. I removed some comb with polen in it from our hives and she was alright that year. Polen in the combs fermented and mixed with honey (bee bread) and it is a good source to inoculate human beings.

Also, whenever council sprays glyphosate in our street (visible red paint on the ground), she bursts into tears with a runny nose. I strongly think there is a connection.
2 months ago
Just use a mild soap and pressure washer. Even if there are residues left in crevices they wouldn't be harmful for the plants.

I cleaned a PVA glue IBC with a steel sponge and pressure washer; another with saline in it washed just with water, they are my aquaponics  right now.
2 months ago