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Recent posts by Richard Weeks

My wife and I are aspiring photographers.  When I retire from my mundane job about a year from now, we want to take our act on the road to do our photography thing.  We're realistic enough to realize that being on the road year-round is just not practical, so we're looking to relocate to somewhere with mild Winters but without subtropical Summers. (I'm the original Ice Cream Soldierâ„¢ and my wife's heritage is Swedish/Finnish, so she's also heat & humidity-averse.)

We're both Washington state natives with limited travel experience outside of the West Coast and the Intermountain West, so I thought I'd ask for opinions here?  If it's not a proper topic, please feel free to moderate as you see fit.

 * U.S. Lower 48
 * Mild climate
 * Relatively low land cost (In comparison to the U.S. West coast, say < $5,000@acre.)
 * Good water
 * Flexible building codes
      - Friendly to following construction types:
          + Log
          + Timber frame
          + Strawbale
          + Tiny homes
          + Owner-built
          + Earth shelter
          + Slip-formed/Tip-up masonary
          + Off-grid systems
 * Homeschool-friendly
 * Nanny State free
 * Permaculture friendly -- of course.
 * Low crime rate
 * Friendly folk
 - Good wild game populations
 - Good fishing within reasonable travel
I was born & raised country but have been living in town most of my adult life.  My wife is a from the 'burbs, but likes the country lifestyle.

Our current plan is to sell our house and get an RV.  We'd like to acquire a small piece of acreage as soon as possible to develop as a home base.  We'll put a pole building on it to start with to park the RV in and to develop into a workshop/storage area with a future attached house or cabin. Since it will be unattended for extended stretches we're definitely interested in an area with low crime rates and friendly folk who actually neighbor. (That's getting pretty darn rare hereabouts.)  We don't accumulate a bunch of valuable "stuff," (What we have will go with us in the form of cameras and laptops.) so it's more the hassle of repairing damage done by chuckleheads that we're worried about.

OK Permies, what say you?

Does such a pie-in-the-sky destination still exist in today's world, or am I seeking that which is no more?
1 year ago