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Merry Teesdale

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since Mar 04, 2013
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After tasting hundreds of apple varieties for several years at the Cloud Mountain Fruit Festival in Whatcom County, Wa.,  I repeatedly settled on Elstar Apples as the best.  They are crunchy, juicy, sweet, tart, complicated flavor and medium sized.  Elstars, besides being heavenly eating, make prize winning pies, apple sauce with no sugar or spices needed, and are amazing dried.  Four years ago I got to taste an even better apple, Esopus spitzenburg which was Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple.  I had one grafted and am growing it up now.  
5 months ago
We make spanakopita out of kale, chard, spinach and/or orache leaves and freeze them. Later, pop them in the oven for 30 min. for a wonderful lunch.
3 years ago
Hi Dave,

It's so good that you are doing this for us. Thank you.
I started a food forest last fall and am having great fun accumulating plants, creating the design and watching things leaf out this spring. I'm looking forward to reading your books, seeing the questions and your answers and getting lots of new ideas.

My first question is, How do YOU deal with grass initially?

Here's what I'm trying in some areas right now. I've been sheet mulching with cardboard and woodchips around new trees and their shrubs. When the grass is gone, I was going to seed it with various nitrogen fixing things. Second question: Do you think I could spread the seed on the woodchips NOW and let it root down through the cardboard? Would it be better to wait until the cardboard has done its job?

Thanks, Merry Teesdale, Bellingham, Washington
6 years ago