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Recent posts by Chad Sentman

To put a fun spin on a familiar phrase: What God has separated, let no man join together. We have two exit holes from our digestive system, and each output has its own unique properties. To retain these properties optimally, each needs to be managed separately.

In my opinion, the best method is Terra Preta Sanitation, explained here in Haiku form:

Fermented urine.
Fermented feces with char.
5 days ago
Also, white rice is a simple starch, easy for bacteria to consume and colonize, whether for making LAB or IMO-1.

Marco Banks wrote:

But I've seen some people do some pretty funky things with anaerobic composting that adversely impacted the soil and created a dead zone for a couple of growing seasons.  My hunch is that a big barrel of anaerobic goo was the reason why a friend's apple tree died.  He dumped it out after it got so gross and stinky, and subsequently, everything around there seemed to die.  He was making comfrey "tea", which was basically a big blue barrel that he kept packing with fresh comfrey leaves.  It smelled like hell but he had read something on the interwebs about how great this stuff would be for his garden.  It was so putrid that he decided to just kick the barrel over.  Worse than just temporarilly sterilizing his soil, he created a dead space that lasted for the better part of two years.  

It sounds like he was trying to make something like a JLF (JADAM liquid fertilizer), which does smell strongly, similar to fresh horse manure. It’s supposed to be diluted 100:1, not just dumped out. Really no wonder.
5 days ago
I started with chickens in 2014, deep litter from the beginning. After it got pretty deep, we did a clean out, maybe 2 years in. We composted the litter using the Berkeley method and top-dressed the soil under a fig tree with it a few weeks later. That year we got three harvests of figs, each almost the size of my fist.

I started with KNF towards the end of 2017, my chicken pen has become something of a soil fertility factory. Still no smell, but so much life to inoculate into the rest of the garden.
5 days ago
I’ve heard that you can use vinegar, best case something natural with a live culture.

Some have suggested using Brown Rice Vinegar, or ACV.

BRV is made from Makgeolli, a sort of rice beer, and the original recipe for OHN uses soju, for which vodka is considered an equivalent western alternative.

You may also consider making your own high percentage alcohol. I know of a method used by very poor people in Romania to create a strong alcoholic drink by fermenting a slurry of chicken manure and water and then distilling the alcohol from it.
On St. Patrick's Day, an Irish man walks into a pub in New York City, sits down at the bar, and orders three pints of Guinness.

The bartender brings him three pints, and the man proceeds to sip them  alternately — the first one, the next one, and then the third one, until they’re all gone. Then He gets up, thanks the bartender, and leaves.

The same thing happens year after year, same guy, same pub, three pints on St. Patrick's Day.

The bartender finds this behavior noteworthy, so one year he says "You've been coming here for years, ordering the same thing each time. There's gotta be a story behind that, am I right?"

“Indeed,” the man says. “I'm a triplet. I have two brothers, one in Boston and one in Dublin. We made a vow to each other that every year we were apart, we’d still drink together. So right now, my brothers have three Guinness Stouts too, and we’re drinking together, each in our local pub.”

”What a wonderful tradition,” the bartender says, smiling.

The following year, full of anticipation, as soon as the bartender sees the guy walk in, he lines up three glasses on the bar and starts pouring. But the guy looks up at the bartender with a sad expression and says with a sigh, "Only two for me this year, thanks."

“Oh no,” says the bartender sadly, “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

"How's that?" asks the guy.

"Did one of your brothers pass away?"

“Oh, no, nothing like that,” says the guy. “I just quit drinking.”
2 weeks ago

I don’t recall whether she speaks as to the time involved, but in this presentation Marjory Wildcraft shares how to produce half your calories within a small space, I think 100 square feet. It seemed highly relevant, which is why I shared it here.
1 month ago
Does anyone know of a map of where to find cool permaculture projects?

Say, for example, that I want to take my family on a Justin Rhodes-style farm tour throughout all of Europe and wanted to check out some other people’s properties, how would I find them or know how to connect with them?

Or say I had a particular route planned for a vacation and wanted to see something interesting on the way? Or what if I (or anyone else) wanted to make my property available for traveling permies to visit and/or stop off for the night? How would they find me?
1 month ago