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Hola Ricar,
Thank you for your late message and explanation.
I am happy to learn that you have many people coming visiting you, but for me the exchange was on woofing basis (food and shelter against 5 hours of work per day), and you are telling me I would have to pay to work.... That is not the way I imagined my stay among you. I am sorry we have both waisted some time and hope answering and waiting for a response, but you should say it from the beginning, in your first presentation of your proposal, that you are expecting 30 DOLLARS per DAY!!!
PS/: I will post this response to the Permies site , so everybody can gain acknowledgement of the "conditions" you are offering

----- Mail original -----

Hola Patrick,
We usually have very little time to reply emails inmediatly ( apart of the family+ farm ,in dry season we run an internet cafe where we offer healthy drinks and snacks... so we are very busy) we apologize for that, many people write us and unfortunatly we do not have availibility for everyone!
We would like it if you could come and share with us.
We are booked untill half september this year.
You could for example organize your stay with us from september 16th until november 15th .
We like people stay a minimum of 1 week maximum 3 weeks with us, to give opportunities to others as well.
We charge $30 per day including daily food.. (nice and healthy , mostly vegetarian ,once in a while there may be fish or chicken, we share the food and the preparations with love. )
You will have a basic place to stay,
We understand you have interest to find and develop a place of your own , we can discuss this subject while you're here.
Please let us know if these dates are realistic for you ,
Looking forward to hear from you.
Ricar , Frie and fam.
Hi, Hello, Hola, Bonjour,

I would like to discuss with you (single female open and free for a new life) if we share the same vision and how we could together create our own paradise:

-Maybe travel together to some organic farms around the world to learn and practise Permaculture
-Maybe talking about where it would be nice to search for a place to live together
-Maybe purchase together some piece of land with trees, water and Sun, and start our own Permaculture site

Blessings, Patrick from France

6 years ago
Hola Ricar, I got your e-mail and answered it, I am happy and grateful for your warm welcoming, and excited to receive your next response, so we can organize our meeting in Costa Rica.
Kindly and Blessings, Patrick from France
Hi dear Familia,
I might be interested in your offer (staying at your farm, practising Permaculture, learning Spanish, enjoying the beach, encouraging diversity, preserving fertility of the soil and setting water structures, seedling, eating tropical fruits,...)
I am a French man, free and loving nature, I have followed a PDC in France last summer and studied Permaculture by myself through internet, but I do not have much practical experiences. I would love to know more about your farm, the place where to stay and the daily life of the people involved. I am an organic vegetarian with a kind and cool Buddhist spirit. I believe I could stay at least for 3 months with a standard tourist visa, maybe enough to learn Spanish with you and watch the vegetables grow...
You may find some information about me at my site:
I hope to ear from you soon
Kindly, Patrick
Hi, the pictures look great and it is almost if I can ear the water flowing down the hills, do you have a internet site where to meet on line the people involved, the means engaged and the vision you share ?
Patrick from France
6 years ago
Hello to all, I found this discussion very interesting and nourishing. I am from France and I had to look where the Appalachian are: I did not sleep all night searching for Permaculture communities around the world, but I am happy to engage in the discussion with you here, waiting for the Sun to rise again...

I have also deep rooted the idea and the wish to share life and project with like-minded people, and it is already a long journey to arrive to the step of sharing for free, just for the pleasure to be, and it might only be just the beginning. Nature, wild life, the elements, the connection between the ground (soil), the plants we grow (seeds) and the food we eat and share (soul), are great for contemplation and fulfilment, and an endless learning, but sharing good life with others, being truly understood and cared for, being able to interact simply and directly, make the "dream" even better and more enjoyable, it is like the joy of being together, being more than one, or reaching the oneness in the many... I wish you Greta and all listeners and other practitioners the best in life, Peace, Love and good food

My understanding of communities is not too much of goals (everybody need to be sufficient in one way or another, eat, drink and sleep), nor practices (we are all the fruit of the environment we living in and taking care of the sea we swimming in is essential, preserving the branch we are sitting on, and the resources that sustain us in a daily basis is a priority for everybody, for now and the future generations too), but the land is important because it enables to settle and grow one's roots (it is not a question of who owns the land but rather if one can invest, create and participate and make flourish this land). The people are also important because it gives to one individual the extra dimension of humanity. I understand many are looking for the right place to be, and a few are willing to host some other, and there is kind of a bridge missing, and this bridge is to be happy together, to love one another. There is a lot of mistrust, uncertainty and fears that are "embedded" in our so called modern society, and most are still blinded by the false light of modernism and its compelling competition, that we don't even see no more the beauty of our environment and the preciousness of our fellow people. I practice Buddhism, and I learn through the lecture of the Dharma, that there are more in life than working all week to hold a fake suit that doesn't even fit, that the peacefulness of the mind, its clarity in the present and the understanding or the wisdom it provides, are much more of goal than being alike the "idol" on TV that we know better than our own neighbour. This bridge is the compassion for ourselves and the other living beings, the other ourself we can see with our eyes and our heart, that are not so different, just maybe with another vehicle, at another position, in another situation, but basically the same conscious living being trying to survive and experiment love in a great conscious living world.

People are kept in loneliness and stress, in ignorance and rage, from childhood to the grave, for the purpose of an unreachable and imaginary progress, and for the benefit of some unknown privileged, and it is not easy to open our eyes, to refuse the consent, to pass the distress and to replace the conditioning with new and more reliable passions, it takes lots of time and courage, then people need to know themselves and learn how to communicate and find those others that they can communicate with, and these are not easy tasks, when everything is made for compliance, distractions and illusionary urgent manufactured goals. This is where the bridge of light and love is required, to meet at last our humanity, then people need to relearn the good practices to be in harmony with their environment (because this was known by the past generations but was lost while going in the city for success), and then people need to cross again the bridge to show others the way they have discovered in order to bring more people to the truth and diminish the insanity of our civilization. Because we are all connected and our own lives is dependent of other's. To do so, we have to find the way to break the loneliness that separate us, to give to the other ones what we have and what is good, nourishing the other, not only with kindness and peace, but also with some pleasure and useful things, filling the gaps that are between a possible relationship, waiting for the rare moment of openness when true and unbiased communication can occurred... We don't have to wait for the extreme to happen and react in the urgency, we can softly act in our every day life and be as transparent and as kind as we can be...

The bridge metaphor implies that there are two sides, and this is where the transition skills are needed, like holding one end with one hand and the other with the second. The transition process works by iterations, tries and errors, and requires to be able to step back if needed, especially when something went wrong or doesn't please someone, starting small and betting on what is well known and works well allows to experiment and go further. To keep the motivation to continue forward, there must be some satisfaction along the way, shared satisfactions, maybe not always for the same reasons, but satisfaction for everybody, a yield per say in a Permaculture way. And this notion of satisfaction or positive relationship becomes the bridge itself, what puts people together, what keeps them together, what makes them want to be together, in freedom and in respect, with responsibility and aware choices. Like the bees playing together and sharing the same honey, caring for each other, insatiably filling the void of loneliness and misunderstanding with the golden liquid of mother earth. Regenerating the fertility of the land, and keeping the flow of the resources on site, are creating indeed real wealth, but isn't the true wealth, just the quality of the relationship and the well-being of all the participants in the ecosystem ? Working with nature is accompanied it the way it likes and prospers, and isn't it the same with people, with consciousness and moderation ? Asking what is the gift I can offer you to be happy and in peace...

Anyway, the Sun has rose again here and the birds are singing, I will go out in the sky, refresh the water and give them some seeds, I wish you all well, and would be happy to get news from your project...
Blessings, Patrick from France

6 years ago
Hi Randi, this is a gorgeous place and well done presentation, very promising... I would be interested too, to know how you are doing, what are the figures of the next doors land for sell, but I am French, and I don't know how easy it would be to settle in the Philippines... Blessings, Patrick
6 years ago