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That's great news, thanks ever so much.Rule of thumb we have been looking at the square within the round for sizing already. I hear that it's as half as strong,happy days.I would love to work with sweet chestnut due to its architectural look for truss work but I caution the thrusts at the ends due to its cleaving capabilities.Balancing beauty with capabilities can be a fine line.
Are bases of framing with live edge is square rule with scribing,lapped over.I have a good understanding but know hunger for more!
I have a couple of personal projects all being well with permitted development to create an area 7mtrs clear span wide by 10 Mtrs long using trusses.Thats the goal. What do you reckon?
5 years ago
Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my info on Roundwood trusses.I really appreciate that there is many factors to resolve before even contemplating a truss layout let alone find a structual engineer who can work with you sensible.
Would looking at heavy timber framing be a good starting point or is trusses in the round stand alone framing?
My feelings are
That species of wood would be questionable in the UK?Not a lot of testing in the round here.
Finding a structual engineer who understands.
Find an appropriate course,timber wright.
Thanks for letting me bounce this around.i know the answers will come

5 years ago
Thanks for the reply's. After i posted i see there was a similar thread posted recently with the "wish list" So many books but will short list.
I like the king/queen post frame of a truss and would like to explore how the forces work on this particular truss.As i understand it the rafters are tennoned into the tie beam, How do you determine the shear plane beyond the tie and distance? The rafters towards the ridge are again tennoned into the king post, same question there.
Ive just finished with a team of guys a traditional West Sussex oak framed barn.


On framing up the roof we tennoned the principle rafters into the tie beam but only used a bridle joint above, fine for oak but a bit more challenging in the round?
Which brings the frame round to using a king post and more appropriate.I see from your previous thread that one book doesn't reveal all on framing up trusses.So gathering information and span tables/spread sheets am finding hard to achieve, maybe there's a book in there for someone!.

Thank you and look forward to exploring the roundwood truss some more....
5 years ago
Having spent a few years working with wood in the round creating mainly A frames and post and beam. I would like to explore creating more open spaces like community builds,workshops and such which has brought me to thinking on roundwood trusses to create open spaces. Being in the uk it seems there is limited information on roundwood trusses. Ive read a bit on the internet to know that its not straight forward and a risk from failure if not done properly. I believe it can be done without metal fastenings which is my ideal way to. Just relying on the joints and pegs.Species of wood used in the uk would be an advantage as again its limited information. Look forward to this discussion.
5 years ago
Hey just starting a project so I know the feeling of starting up a build. So exciting it keeps me awake sometimes.
So for us wall plates and ridge poles can be less durable if enclosed and the weather doesn't get to them unless your wall plate is exposed? As am from the other side of the pond I would'nt want to say what species as I'll be just guessing!Though the taper in a pole can be on the underside , so creating a horizontal plane on top. This could work for the ridge pole though it does become problematic as the rafters are at on end resting on the pole and at the other buried in some what.
I haven't had the pleasure of a hogan roof yet but am just starting a recipcal roof,our first. There's great info out there and even spread sheets to work it all out! I will post up some photos when I can...

Been framing various projects for the last five years in the round and have a very good understanding.Let us know how ya getting on.