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Atlantida, Uruguay
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Dear all,

I am planning to use from 195 x 15 x 70, downsizing till 165 x 13 x 70, the measures between the two are the most common down here, and I have already made my dogs house this way.



Carlos from Uruguay
7 years ago
Dear All,

I am in the process of building a house and my problem is, the lot is 2 blocks from the beach, the soild is sand, sand and sand, in the summer I dug a whole 6 feed/2 meters deep and everything was sand than water. There are a lot of houses here and they use a flat reinforced concrete platform to build the house on top of it. If there is not another idea I will do it too, and the South wall will be tires filled with sand, dust and clay (which I will have to bring to the site).

I tried to fill tire with sand but it does not work very well.

I will be glad to provide more info. but mainly I would love to read your thoughts.


Carlos from Uruguay.
7 years ago
Hello All,

This is just to let you know that our first RMH is done and after almost 3 weeks of having filled the bench I guess it is dry. I think we did some mistakes as the pipe is too deep in the bench and therefore it does not get that hot and also we should have tried harder on getting 2 pipes under the bench but I just could not figure out how to clean the second pipe and the draft did not seem strong enough due to too many curves therefore decided for a single pipe. The RMH is ok could be better and it is acceptable.

We have the testing team right now on it.

Best wishes and thanks for the help and advises provided.

Carlos and Nara
7 years ago
Yeah, I'd love to have a home depot down here and the zillions of precious things people on the first world throw away up there but we don't have that and we have to improvise to have those beauty inventions up and running.

and BTW winter gave us a break and temperatures were in the mid 20's Celcius this week so no burning and no fun. My bench is almost dry and I am planning to sleep on it next week.

best wishes,

carlos from uruguay
7 years ago
Own Sawdust!, if I new I would have used too. I think you should insulate firebricks too as some fire bricks are only resistant to hit but don't provide great insulation.

Allen, Let me quote you as I have a tiny question: "Here the inside piece(s) of the 8'' pipe is a sacrificial form, we know it will fail Within 2 - 4 heating seasons depending on ow much your
R.M.H. is used,"
you mean making the inner tube of the heating riser out of a regular galvinized 1mm 8" tube?


Carlos from Uruguay too.
7 years ago
Hello Allen and Samatax.

It's been 3 days since we finished filling our bench and we've been burning the heater since. I guess the big work is done and only finish and covering the vertical pipe is left. We will continue with those tasks as the time allows but the main point here is that the heater is fully functional. We luck forward to be able to use the bench and my guess is 2 weeks for it to be fully dried, may be a week for superficial dry. Will see.

I'd like to thank you both for the replies for my questions and you time. I would like to be able to help whoever needs information about this amazing thing and help people to build those heaters around here.

Best wishes,

Carlos and Nara from Uruguay.
7 years ago
Hi Allen and Samatax,

We will finish filling the whole thing tomorrow and will try to follow as much as we can Allen's receipt.

Guys, any advice on how to fill the vertical pipe that is inside the house, I am afraid the thing can fall apart on top of us. We did not do any work on this since filling the bench is the first step. I was thinking on some structural wires and a wall made by bricks to content the cob.

thanks a lot,


7 years ago
Hello Allen, Samatax and everyone interested in rocket mass heaters.

After successfully having setup our Rocket Mass Heater we are at the point we need to finish the bench. We have only one 6 inches diameter pipe running into the mass and the bench will measure, 2 meters by 85 cms by 40 cm, in inches, 78 x 33 x 15, yesterday we filled it with stones and pieces of disposed concrete and clay. I think we reached the half of whole mass. I noticed a lot of water, I also left the heater running for more than 12 hours. So my question is, should we wait for whatever material we already dispose in the bench to dry and then complete the bench or we can go ahead and finish the job now with more clay, more stones and mainly now Cob and leave the whole thing to dry?

thanks a lot,

7 years ago
Dear Allen and Samatax,

Please let me use parts of your original posts to organize the following text.

I would always be on the lookout for all the hard wood you can find,

Allen, we have eucalyptus here which is harder than pine, it is hard to cut too but I will try to get some when I have a chance. People don't throw old hard wood furniture away here, actually down here people throw away only garbage.

After your pipe makes its 180 degree turn and comes back running along the wall, of what material is that wall made, and what is on the other side of it !

Allen, on the other side we have our living room, the wall is made by clay bricks and concrete bricks as it was the outside wall. This part of the house where we are installing the Rocket is a room that we added to the house.

On the subject of the 180 degree turn, we decided 3 days ago to go single pipe under the bench and simplify the project therefore we exist the Rocket then 2 meter of pipe then 90 degree elbow toward the sky inside the room. We will accept and implement your idea of a coat hanger in the vertical pipe inside the house which we will cover with cob. Then this pipe climbs about 3 meters and turn 90 degrees to be horizontal again just to cross an outside wall then turn 90 degrees again toward the sky outside the house.

We tested this design and it worked nicely. I guess this answers the question provided by Samatax on how to cob the horizontal pipe that were formerly running into the house. We are not.

install some thing called a bell -

Allen, do you have any picture of the bell thing, I am curious about it.

When you are ready to cover the most amount of your pipe in Cob, plan on covering the whole first vertical pipe with Cob , here you could try a couple of
deep niches, for allowing the dough/unbaked bread to rise, this may be a great area to hang your outside coats etc. so that they are always warm and dry!

Allen,Those are great ideas I am going to implement them.

Carlos,how did you pick that point to exit out the house with your Exhaust Pipe ! was it just because the builder put
a hole for a smoke pipe there ?

No, I did the whole where we thought might be the right place.

Mom Wisdom ' If every one of your friends jumped off a cliff would you jump too?!' - Where have your neighbors
Exhaust pipe exited out of their houses, is it on the lee side, or generally out of the wind? does the chimney get any
direct sun ? These are things to worry about ''tomorrow'' !

No building standards are being followed here, each one has a different way to have their chimneys. I understand the Mom wisdom here we don't follow anybody, I actually think this heater is the only one in the whole country. We are currently thinking on building a tire house which will be also the first on the whole country.

Yes the chimney gets direct sun as the whole house confronts the North, so we have sun all year round. Is this important? why?

To finish this long email, I have two new questions please let me know if I need to open new topics,

First one is about smoke leakds, I guess if I have small wholes on the metal pipe I can cover them with cob, right? and I also guess that in doing so they will be air tight right? please correct me if I wrong.

Second is about the bench, I have a lot sand here, as I live 2 from from the ocean, not really ocean as technically speaking this is a big river mouth and the ocean is about 50 miles down the river, but there is plenty of sand, what is your opinion about filling part of the bench with sand provided I did a contention wall to receive the sand. Of course not all the bench will be sand but only parts of it.

again, thanks a lot for your time and information.

Best wishes

Carlos and Nara
7 years ago
Dear Allen,

Please accept my apologies I never thought about mentioning the barrel was galvanized, I wasn't ever very sure about it. I never thought about paints and galvanization before until now.

Still, the whole information will be useful as I am trying to convince friends and neighbors to build their Rocket Heaters.

thanks a lot,

best wishes,

Carlos and Nara
7 years ago