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since May 11, 2013
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Recent posts by kobyn schlichter

 As of May 2016 the property is still available to start your permaculture dreams.

 The only drawback to the property remaining is the lack of vehicle access. Ideally you would have a atv or dirtbike to enter the land. It would be about 1300 feet.

 Details on the website! http://www.threehands.weebly.com


Please contact me through website for a timely response.
6 years ago

Stephanie Walker wrote:i am A born Canadian in British Columbia all my life. My question is, can I squat on an Island on BC west coast that is crown land and own it after a year? if not how can I get an island (crown land) free, or do you have to buy it now? I just want to get away for good, be self-sufficient and built a nice get away cottage with a dock for my parents and sister. I know one that has a half moon bay for a boat n dock area. its perfect.

-Stephanie the Kidd lol

Theirs a way to do everything you want in life. You just have to find the way

I would research different cases of squatters in the court and such. check out what the law says, and work your way with it. also research the difference between your body and the paper copy of your body. Check out Ungrip on youtube. and also the channel eternallyaware. Its a rabbit hole, so be careful and know that where their is a will, their is a way
hey just wondering how you made out, im looking for a spot over there to move to, im bringing my tiny house. Would love to find a spot to practice permaculture or some someone out with that. cheers!
6 years ago

Steven Johnson wrote:Kobyn, That's the way, just do it. I looked at your website. I like your idea of a world wide network of eco village farms. Have you thought about how it will be structured legally? For example, if someone went there and did something nice, for example made a nice little underground house with an attached greenhouse and started living in it, could they keep living there forever. Will you want them to contribute anything to help buy more places?
I have 30 acres in Missouri and would like to do something similar, but I want it to have some well defined parameters to prevent someone from taking it over and keeping others out.
And of course someone who puts a lot of work into a place wants to be protected from being evicted.
Any thoughts?

Hey, well I think anyone who is interested in living out here, we can definitely work something mutual out. If a person doesnt have any money and wants land permanently here, I would say yes. But with a few conditions that will vary with each individual, given their circumstances. And I only say this because I am one person on a average mans wage and I need help too , so hopefully we can work together to ease common burdens. this land only cost 30,000, its a great low cost opportunity to start an eco village.

Agreements for being evicted should definitely be put on paper and should be vary descriptive. Just like when you move in with roommates you ask each other certain questions so you have a general outline of what to expect of each other. On top of that, having a 3rd party to make a final call on disputes is a necessity.

For this 53 acres of property, It will never be sold. I want this to be a place where you can pass your homestead onto your family line. Or if you have a change of heart you can leave your home and offer (free or ?) it to others.
7 years ago

Dan Cruz wrote:Does someone need a pretty sturdy tent then to go up where you are? I have only been up to the far north in late May to late July, and that was a long time ago. I am interested in going and volunteering somewhere where I can get a feel for permaculture and learn so me new things. I get the sense that the further north I am willing to go, the more effort that the people inviting me make to offer attractive work conditions. And vice versa, the closer to Vancouver, the less attractive the conditions...

hey Dan, May and July is summer, so you could do fine with a regular mass produced lightweight tent . Yes your welcome to come check it out, but currently theirs no programs setup. Its just all trees! Im working on getting land access through a private landowner due to the land being 'landlocked'. The past two years I'v been asking around and have had no luck. But just this evening I came across some info on creating an "easement of necessity" which can give access to landlocked properties!

Currently looking for people wanting to buy in to the land as well.
7 years ago
Right on. No I havnt put much thought into it at all. Would be worth it though. I would probably end up using some type of layout used by another ecovillage or such. But something written were the parties can agree upon probably the best, in case someone forgets... lol, it would probably end up evolving too. cheers. might be a network setup already i wonder.
8 years ago
hey, im in peace river, 10 min out. email me @ terrifiedprojects@gmail.com if anyone is interested. iv got 53 acres, open for builds. all trees now. cheers guys.
8 years ago
Hey guys good day.
Starting up an ecovillage in the northern alberta area. Looking for others who are interested. Also looking for anyone who would like to join forces and share 2 different properties, (hopefully yours is in the Caribbean, ha!).

Currently the land is all trees with a few trails, a truck and camper is there. Thats it.

Havnt done much planning, but personally what Im aiming for is just a basic farm style life for a while, and see how it unfolds.

If the location interests you, post up. cheers!

Threehands EcoVille
8 years ago
right on, cheers. Sepps got a golden setup eh.

I got 53 acres in peace river, alberta, if you 2 are interested lemme know.

its all trees now, undeveloped. im thinking of multiple alternative style buildings and rent them out to people to try out. along with that, a basic permaculturally setup property.
8 years ago