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Recent posts by Gary Briane Tuttle

John Polk wrote:I just heard from an in law who was raised on a Tulalip Reservation about a cure for the itch of the stinging nettle.
It works here in the Cascade region, because everywhere you encounter wild nettles, you also find the cure:

Remove the brown spores from under the leaves of the ferns, and rub them on the itchy skin. The sting is soon gone.

Thanks, Good info to know, for sure!

Cascade region? are you near Portland, OR, by any chance?
5 years ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:Gary, have you seen this thread?

Perhaps you could work something out that would benefit you both?

Will look it over, thanks!

paul wheaton wrote:

Gary Briane Tuttle wrote:
Paul, I might be your guy on that one. Please PM me if you are serious about that.

I think we are ten years out until we can do our first try. We need to build our infrastructure and then optimize it. Then optimize is many more times.

Im not even sure which way to go with that...Im guessing that you are making assumptions as to my physical condition, or more precisely, assumptions that I am lacking a state of vigor, because I got the diagnosis I got (I am full of vigor, for the record, and even more so for the ladies in the audience) That, and/or your fear of being accused of telling someone you can cure them is giving you pause. Clearly, btw, you never said that, but I do know that in my case, one of the pieces pieces of the puzzle for me to heal is me getting off/out of the "rat race treadmill cog in the consumerist machine that is eating and poisoning the planet to death".

I guess I am not your guy, then. (Back to my plans to start my own community, it is...)

Anyway, you could reach your goal of getting someone in there to heal by tailoring financial assistance/etc things to people who are living with cancer with the agreement that they live there for x amount of time (kind of like as mentioned above)...don't mention them healing at all. Take it out of the equation. The body will go ahead and do it anyway, even without an offficial endorsement, once the blocks to health have been removed, adn the nbody is given the proper raw materials to work with.

Also, The people who *do* heal by going to your place can speak a lot more freely about it after the fact than you or anyone else affiliated with your organization ever will be. ..

paul wheaton wrote:
(top priority) bring somebody with cancer here and their cancer goes away

Paul, I might be your guy on that one. Please PM me if you are serious about that.
Thanks for posting this!

I apologize for copying the text of your post without crediting you in the body of the post, Paul, but the fact that this is filed under the "Meaningless Drivel" category here on Permies was enough for me to feel a need to put the credit to you in a comment below the main post.

Posting a link on FB to this thread brings up a headline with "Meaningless Drivel" in big ol type... and you could see how that could get misconstrued or twisted by people.....

6 years ago

dan long wrote:If nettles are wet, they wont sting. If you grip them firmly, they will not sting. Are you perhaps testing them out after a rain? Maybe you are grabbing htem as opposed to brushing against them (the may most of us get stung)

Thanks for that info! I didn't know any of that, but it was dry, and I was kind of rubbing the back of my hand against them. It will have to wait until this coming spring, at which time, I am hoping I can use the flowers to hep me identify them .

Thanks for the info though, very useful!
6 years ago
Thanks, Jennifer! Im glad you got a chuckle or two.

I may just give that a shot. Its going into winter where I am...although with the weather changing, who knows what that will even mean this if I get seeds, I may keep some inside, and try to inoculate the yard with some. After the last frost, I could put the rest outside, too. That way, if stratification is required or not, I still would have a shot.

Thanks again!
6 years ago
Sorry, all who have replied. My life is crazy right now, and this little project has fallen between the cracks, then fell even further, to a location known as "by the wayside"

Thanks for your input, though.

I will restart my quest at some point down the road.
6 years ago

Philip Green wrote:You could find a friend to test it on...

hahaha, or an ememy!

change of plans for me for today, I tweaked the hell of my back this am, so I am gonna have to postpone my trekking for stinging nettles....
7 years ago

Philip Green wrote:Not sure where you are.

Waterbury, CT zip 06705, definitely eastern US.

Philip Green wrote:But false nettle is quite common throughout the Eastern US at least (maybe other places as well). Unfortunately it is not nearly as useful as true nettles.

My rule of thumb is always if it stings it is a nettle, if it doesn't then it is not as there are quite a few look-alikes (at least in Ohio). The stinging if from a needle actually poking into your skin and it is impossible to be immune to them. The severity of the reaction to the poison it injects may vary, but everyone should feel the needle penetrating the skin if it is a true nettle.

yeah, that was my concern. I may be getting stuck, as the stingers (trichomes?) are relatively small, but no poison itchyness, as I got back in my youth as of yet. So, tyhe false nettles and stingless nettles seem to be different plants (and therefore, different levels of usefulness to humans), though?

I will get some pics and/or videos today and post them

7 years ago