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Recent posts by Donna Smith

I forgot to mention about the locals.
If you do move here, be sure what you have IS locked up.
Lately there seems to be more problem of them taking angthing, including food and cattle. And they do know how to hunt.
That is one concern for me.
If the economy gets worse, I may consider moving.
It happens all around the ozark area. North and south of it too.
It may look pretty, but there are many things to consider.
How will you be able to protect your property, especially when they are skilled hunters?
We have had a few people come on to our land. Some unsavory looking characters. Good thing we have dogs!
In one little town north of harrison, the sheriff was arrested for taking guns and selling them. Great.
That makes me a bit nervous.
So, I may be looking for somewhere else soon.
7 years ago
Many people looking for land in TX may be dissappointed in the longrun. The aquafers are prety much drying or have dried up. My husband used to be a surveyor and knows most of the places.
People will be in for a huge shock when little water is to be found. We used to live there, but moved to a greener place.
People waste quite a bit of water. Especially on golf courses ( in my own opinion)
We lived on a sailboat for 6 years in Fla. and we had no problem on water. We had 80 gallons worth of water, plus a RO system installed. We used it to make water for everything from drinking to bathing.
The time we lived in fla. They had water restrictions all the time down south.
Has anyone tried hydroponics?
You can grow a ton of food and save on a ton of water. One of the advantages is you get food all year !
I believe this is the solution to the problem of worldwide hunger.It takes very little water to do this. There are cheaper ways to set up than what you find in their stores on the net.
When we lived in florida we just had a 30 gallon tank with nutrients. That tank would last quite awhile and it produced so much, we gave alot of produce to the elderly people who could really use it. We grew several kinds of veggies from that tank.
Greenhouses too are another way to go. It can keep you plants from drying out, and they do have shade screen. Look around and you can find it cheaply in places.
As far as rain runoff from the roof, if you have regular asphalt shingles, that is not good water.
You could get a fairly cheap RO system installed. Make sure your water quality is good. You can get those from home depot or lowes.
I would be interested in your ideas. I have always wanted to do a cob house, or a strawbale.
You picked a lovely area! Email me anytime.

I dont know how the soil is around that area, but i do know that around harrison we have tons of rocks.
There are several ways around the rocks ( and boulders)
One would be raised beds. Greenhouses too.

I have a long list of things I can do.
Let me know. It would be nice to chat with a few of us close by with similar interests.
Take care.
7 years ago
Try some DE. Food grade.
I also hear making a tincture of yarrow repels bugs.
You can also buy what they call no-see-um netting.
When we lived in Florida, it worked very well. However it seemed to me that it does seem to cut down a bit on airflow.
Guess I have been lucky so far...
Thank you to the poster for the pictures. I have seen some around here.
7 years ago
Could you let me know what types of things you grow?
send me a email on here.
Many thanks!
7 years ago
My dad was born in Rich Hill. I dont know much about the town
. What is the population size now?
On your plants and seeds, are they heirlooms? Thats what I save and grow.
Sounds like fun, having a permie area close by.
7 years ago
As far as any areas I would personally avoid,
Springfield has some problems. It is ok to go do something there, but lock your vehicle doors and watch your back.
I do go there from time to time. But I do watch out.
I think many cities are beginning to feel the pinch of the economy. Sadly it can bring out the worst in some people.
@ Brandon,
You will like it there. Nice area. I live fairly close.
Which side of Harrison?
It is good to have a well that deep. Mine is 400 something.
When is your deployment up?
If you need any info, feel free to ask. We have been up here about 8 years now.
Shhh...we try to keep Ar. A secret. Lol. Seems many are finding out though.
You will love the Buffalo river I am sure. Tons of stuff to do around here.
Ask any questions you like.
And welcome to this area. I think you made a wise purchase!
I know a teaspoon of ginger ( even the spice you buy in the stores) will help the cramps very good. Make a tea of it, add honey if you want it sweetened.
As for saffron, I would LOVE to know where I can actually buy a plant or two.
Saffron is on my list of must haves of medicinal plants.
7 years ago