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Recent posts by Lauren Magnolia

I will make good use of my lunch break to check out the link... They are app about to move into a large chicken tractor, so hopefully the addition of fresh ground will add variety to their menu. Because it's mobile, I'd prefer to hang anything added inside...
Is there a way to show a picture of what you've hung up?
11 months ago
This thread is similar enough to my question, so here goes!

We have 25 chickens and need to find a feeder that satisfies them all. We've got the standard metal one (big lidless cylinder with the bottom trough for them to eat out of) but if I fill it all the way they get in the top and poop, or the rain comes in sideways and it's trashed.
So I'm filling it with a couple coffee cans a day... Thumbs down!

I'd love to utilize the PVC feeders, or a bucket w/ lid and the PVC fittings at the bottom, but how are all these beaks gonna get fed with only half a dozen openings?
Two buckets? Never let it run dry so they don't all attack it in the morning?

Open to suggestions! Thanks in advance, you beautiful Permies!
11 months ago
Do y'all ever worry about snakes in your bamboo patch? That's been the only deterring factor for us...
1 year ago
Mama always said you can beat a pair of good wool socks πŸ’Ÿ
1 year ago
thanks for the replies, folks! always a comfort to ask the room before just diving in (particularly when diving with a shovel)
will check back as project progresses
1 year ago
For my plans, that's doubly fantastic.
1 year ago

r ranson wrote:big thread about African keyhole gardens

my keyhole experience

Hey bud, did you use any chicken wire at all with your keyhole garden? Can't see any in your picture, which is great. I'm wondering about the inner Willow wall holding up using only organic materials.
1 year ago
So it has been a rain parade here in Western KY. I'm sure this year will have a dry spell, always does. But when it's wet, it's sodden.

I'm interested in implementing hugelkulture in a flat area with plenty of standing water after rain, including what runs down from a upward slope across the road.
What concern, if any, would there be for standing water inside the bottom of the hugel beds? Is there an anaerobic danger?

My theory has become that's with enough bulky woody material and a large enough bed in both heigth and width, I may avoid these issues...

I turn now, to the wise...
Thoughts? Experience?

πŸ––Gratitude πŸ™
1 year ago
Looking for any input from all y'all out there doing the rocket mass heaters yourselves...

I've attached photos of what we've built so far. My brilliant husband as come up with the design based on internet research and what we have available, as well as whatever pitfalls we found in our years of traditional wood stove use.

We want to make sure the logic in our heads matches the actual logic of science.

The firebox is 24" x 13", an old cast iron wood stove from Granny.
He has fitted 18" of single-wall stovepipe for the exhaust riser into the combustion chamber (your average metal drum, used to contain mango juice) which now has a lid and bottom welded on.
Coming out the bottom is 5' of that same stovepipe, running laterally about 2' above the floor (this gap from concrete floor to horizontal pipe will be infilled with sand) and ends with a 90Β° to run another 16' of vertical rise out our original egress through the roof.

I have marked the two cleanouts with red lines, and the exaust riser in purple. There is brick-and-mortar around the two sides of the assembly facing into the room. Once the sand is in place, pipes will be reset and cob will bury everything from the back wall (aka our stairs) to the front wall (red bricks and cinder block, mortared) all the way to the ceiling.

Should the pipe have more turns? That is is main concern as much is learned from trial and error, and that is not something we already have.

Thanks for entertaining my hobby of writing description, thanks for any input or well wishing in our home building!
2 years ago
I have a few main questions about saving my own seed, and then what to do with it...

What I have in front of me is a coffee can containing dried flower heads of last year's Prunella Vulgaris, or self-heal plant.
I have stripped the dry buds from their stems, but these darn husks to not want to let go of the poppy-like seed.
I have heard mention of colanders and mesh strainers, but both of these escape me. Can I just plant with them and without? Will it rot the seed?
I have been pondering about using what I have now (a can of husks, innumerably still full, with a puddle of seeds at the bottom) into a seed paper/seed bomb type experiment.
I have made recycled paper once, as a childhood craft so I roughly understand that process. I have experience with neither seed paper nor bomb, however.
This year's garden is very strawbale based, with a perimeter built and covered as a glass door cold frame. These bales, once weathered and cold frame has become obsolete, will be planted with vegetables and a few choice companions.
Anyone have experience bombing bales?? This setup is also new to me, and the direct sow seeds have me intimidated.

Any advice is very greatly appreciated πŸ––


Growing self-heal from seed
3 years ago