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Recent posts by Elissa Teal

How awesome! We are unschoolers in Michigan!
8 years ago
I've had my eye on this deck for a while. It's on my wishlist. I love wild edibles and I will even transplant them into my garden!

I really enjoy his videos and films.
8 years ago
Oh yes. Cold winters for Detroit.
9 years ago

Zenais Buck wrote:OK, just throwing this out there (which I rarely do). For some reason, I have been thinking about this post, and keep thinking "Usnea". I usually don't get these strong feelings, so I don't know if maybe info stored deep in my brain is resurfacing, or what. I don't use Usnea often, and have not used it for this issue... but... maybe?

Here is a link from Susan Weed; see what you think:


It grows profusely here; if you send my your mailing address I will drop some fresh usnea in a mailing envelope and send you some (you can make a tincture, easy). If you are squeamish about strangers sending herbs (as I sometimes am) I can heartily endorse Mountain Rose Herbs as a source. ~ Z

You are so kind for the offer. As it turns out, I am fixin' to put in an order for MRH so I will put that in my order. Much gratitude to you!
9 years ago

Zenais Buck wrote:

That is good to hear! Oregano is so good for so many things. I deal with this on and off; once you get it, it is hard to get clear. You really have to be tenacious. I know when I did a specialized diet it got much better, and then I fell off the wagon. When I get back on my food routine I will try the oregano as well. Best wishes!

I have read that you have to be tenacious! I have actually had a patch on my lower back since at least last summer but for whatever reason just ignored it since it wasn't spreading. Now I know better and when you know better you do better, right?!
9 years ago

Zenais Buck wrote:My midwife always advised to wash with Selsun Blue shampoo... definitely NOT an herbal remedy. She said wash, then let sit for 5-10 minutes and rinse, and it will eventually go away. the shampoo had to be the 'original' kind, with selenium sulfide.

I think that while topical anti-fungals are necessary, ultimately you have to balance the body so that they have less of a niche.

Thanks for the reply! I have actually heard that advice from several people. Since I posted I have started mixing oil of oregano with aloe (in addition to the things in the OP) and it seems to be working well!
9 years ago
Does anyone have personal experience with tinea versicolor? I am almost positive that it is what I have on my torso. Unfortunately, I just figured out this morning that that is what it probably is. I have been treating it topically with calendula ointment, comfrey oil and hydrocortisone (because I was getting desperate) but even with the hydrocortisone it is not really going away. After my husband suggested that it might be fungal I did a search for fungal infections on the torso and tinea versicolor came up. Mine sure looks like it. So, we've started putting the OTC medicine for althete's foot and ringworm (can't remember the name of the medicine) just this morning. I just took some calendula tincture plus raw garlic/honey mixture and some MSM (sulfur) because I read on a comment that sulfur can help (they were saying topically but MSM is something that we take internally for dental health). I don't even know if MSM is the "right" kind of sulfur for this. All I know is that I am itchy and I really want to help my body combat this infection. So thank you in advance for any advice that you can offer.
9 years ago

alex Keenan wrote:

Korean Hot Pot!!!

I hate Kale but I love it in a Hot Pot. Garlic mustard can be very strong but boiling in spicy stock takes alot of the bitter bite out of it. At the same time it adds flavor to the boiling liquid.

Thanks! I will try that this year.
9 years ago
I went to whole foods. They didn't have artichoke leaves but they did have artichoke leaf extract, which I did buy to use.
9 years ago