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Natalie Melodie

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I'm having the same problem but AFTER repotting into a bigger home. I read something somewhere about phosphorous deficiency and tomatoes. Gojis are in nightshade family.

Have you had any similar issues with it since?
1 year ago
Hi All

I'm in Surrey / Berks / Hants border.

Currently renting so not all that much I can do, but have raised beds / troughs constructed from reclaimed pallets with layered composting material for organic veg. I do let the garden pretty much do what it likes as my landlord doesn't really care what state it's in whilst I'm here as long as it's not re-landscaped! I've let the existing flowering plants and 'weeds' seed as they wish, so there are lots of bees living in the various bee houses, I have a bank between two levels left with long grass to act as habitat for the frogs and toads. My reward is that I've got a family of 4 fox cubs being raised under my shed by a young mother. Occasionally they dig at my food, but for the most part they've been quite pleasant lodgers.

I'm really interested in meeting other people locally in the UK and rest of Europe who are learning about permaculture and implementing the principles. I'd be keen to help other people on their own plots or community projects.

7 years ago