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since Jun 18, 2013
Bellingham Washington OR Kuwait City
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Recent posts by Hibah Bahzad

I'm having fun with mealworms. I got them last June and had them in garage.
When it got cold I put them in the coat closet. I throw them some carrots or potatos every few days and buy wheat bran for 44 cents a pound at Winco, they will sell me a bulk bag for $14.95. I thought that was not bad. I have one neighbor with chickens and two friends with critters. Sometimes I get free eggs.  I got a plastic colander without sharp edges to sift out the dross. Ideally I would like to keep moving the beetles into separate container and move up. I was using plastic bins and buckets but only having each one with an inch or two of substrate. Try to get rid of large worms before too many pupate but there are times when seems like all worms are too small. I don't mind hand sifting them but I probably should not be breathing dross. It seems to only smell when something is decomposing.
2 years ago
Cute post. Thanks. I think the problem is a messy looking garden. But then aren't most roadsides? I want to carry my tools and gurella garden.
3 years ago
Hi Permies and Larry,
I just caught an interview of Larry by ways of Stitcher Radio> The Permaculture Podcast>July 29 episode
Nice conversation by Scott Mann and Larry Korn. Thank You.
I feel so cool now knowing what this forum is about.

Everson, WA, USA
5 years ago
Hello Patricia,
Welcome and I love Chard! I just looked at your ebook about making a garden bed in 1 hour. Thanks for posting your edible garden site.
5 years ago
[size=12]Hello, I am now in Bellingham WA and I am enjoying the summer in the Northwest. I am listening to podcasts and enjoying Paul's "rants". I will try to post more. I like compost piles and my new Adirondack chair I bought at garden store on Fairhaven Parkway.
5 years ago
I finally got registered, so I will say a quick hello. I am Hibah. I am mom of 4 grown children. I am staying with my husbands family in Kuwait. I live in Bellingham Washington. I have been getting email updates for a while and watching YouTube videos often. I own 0.19 acres in the city! Manager of the community garden when I am home. It is interesting to learn about land erosion now that I am here in Kuwait. I wonder about the nutrition in the food here. I will read on and continue my quest until I find more land to work with. I would like to visit Inspiration Farm in Laurel, WA sometime, I have met Brian Kerkvllet once while at a public event and watched his sythe demonstration. That was cool, I want one. See you at the Farmers Market sometime!
6 years ago