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Recent posts by George Wright

Hello, off grid for 30 years. Environmental laws prevent me from buying used lead acid as I have for this whole time. I am also tired of lead acids.

I am planning to buy some Lithium Batteries from China, off Alibaba.

Can someone recommend a supplier please.

I really just want to hear from people who have successfully done it and are happy with their batteries.

Thanks george
1 year ago
My favourite farmer's booth is at the Ottawa Farmers' Market where many other farmers market their goods.

That one helps me a lot.

If you are marketing your food to smart people, you'd better talk and write like them. Remember fewer people eat less cake. If you can count it, it's "fewer", if you cannot, it's "less".

Another one that helps me.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these. My customers are in Canada and thus the spelling of "favourite".

1 year ago
Another related quesiton:

Is there a design of water pump that does not destroy water energization?

I have an artesian well that can flow though the forms without pumping, but cannot be captured in a place where it does not have to be pumped. I could reverse it, pump it up high first, into the forms and then gravity feed it to where I need it. The first would be easier, but if the pump is going to destroy all I have gained in the energization, perhaps I should avoid it. I primarily want the forms to liberate some sulphur, so that would be accomplished either way.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

1 year ago
I just got the pricelist from them. Impressive. The person was very polite and explained things well. I might jump on it. Thanks for everyone's help, no molds, but a source of affordable forms.
1 year ago
Thanks Mel and Stephen.

I have gotten no where in the meantime. Their site looks much better, I liked the more utilitarian plastic/fibreglass molds, for nothing other than shipping clear across the world. My son is taking Industrial Design at our local university and is learning all about materials and molding. Amazing to see your kids have much more knowledge than you, which means, they caught up, and have left you in the dust. And I thought I was curious.

Thanks for the help everyone, certainly interested in everything you find Stephen. I am not interested in any business, just building something for our farm.

Thanks for keeping this alive. george
1 year ago
Hello, I am interested in getting input from those people who have not only fed mash, but those who truck it themselves.

I fetched mash for 5 years. Started out once per week, at the end it was almost daily as the brewery grew. I have a lot of pigs in the forest. Fed a little to cattle and chickens, but mostly pigs, mixed with corn for the sugar.  I found a dairy farmer to take over, he did it for two years and gave up.

firstly, locally, the understanding from the breweries point of view is that farmers will pick it up for free. Frankly it is work. Once a week is a hobby, but daily, is just plain work. Time off the farm costs.

The feed, from all my research in Morrisons's Feed and Feeding, is of poor quality. I like to work from the price of barley. Barley, locally, is about $3 to 6 per bushel, or about $300 per ton. Dry, full nutrient barley is cheap. Sugar removed and wet barley is, to my best guess, worth about a 1/4 of that. I know, I could do all sorts of soldier fly breeding and improve it for the chickens, but I am not going to.  

Anyone who has actually done it for any length of time, probably does not know their cost of production in fetching and feeding it. A common problem with farmers, me included.

The breweries are begging me to take it for free because they know I am reliable and will do it all winter, in all weather, oh ya, and don't take vacations.

With this in mind, I want to charge for fetching/taking it. I am interested in what others charge.

PS, there is also the burgeoning problem of the wort. Many sewer departments in the cities are forbidding the breweries from pouring it down the drain. They are paying about a dollar a gallon to have it hauled away. I have taken it on occasion, it is of no feed value and thus have charged what the big disposal companies charge. I just dump it on my pasture, if not too much, the grass likes it, if too much, it kills it.

Would love your input, but remind you, would rather hear from those who have actually done it for an extended period of time.

thanks so much in advance, george
1 year ago
Hey anyone think of anything?  still need a source for molds.

I have been experimenting with antique tractor seats, just gotta get my dispensing from one to another more finely, without spilling.

any thoughts out there?

thanks george
2 years ago
hey thanks stephen. not knowing they are just around the corner is good to know, the fact that you have tried to looks makes me feel better that I had not been simply missing them somehow. I have read Wilkes books and in particular the last one on energizing water and know the section using projective geometry well. Lots there, but like you said, tough to transfer to a mold or a flow form. I really appreciate the answer, you may not have solved it, but definitely makes me feel better. Thanks, if I find anything, I will post it to you, thanks again, george
2 years ago
Rebecca, yes, lots of info has been provided on pouring my own molds. I have poured lots of other things, I get that part. I have poured many elaborate house foundations, countertops, sinks, etc. I know how to build things inside out and work backwards. I know what release agents are, I have done some sand casting. I do not need help there.

I simply do not know the shape of the required flow forms. There are many different styles, they are so unique that they their shape cannot be conveyed from a simple picture. They cannot be mathematically described either. They are unique. Sure I could guess and experiment, but I have too much other work to do. We farm full time, about to start the cropping season.

I just want to buy some plastic molds and get going. The fact that I saw some at a renewable energy fair 20 years ago leads me to believe there are some out there somewhere. I am trying to say this politely, but sometimes I find the biodynamic "industry" keeps it's cards close to its chest and rarely share info for the diy type of people. for example, two day courses at $1000 a day may be good value for money, but my farm cannot afford that. Shipping pre made molds from new zealand is ridiculous. That is why we grow organic grain for our animals because we do not believe all the imported "organic" feed from china and india is very organic after travelling around the world. I know this is off topic, but please, someone must know someone with some molds for sale.

thanks in advance for any leads. george
2 years ago
hello folks, l want to thank all those who contributed, but I am still stuck. Yes, I will try molding from scratch, but.............

Does anyone know of any plastic molds for pouring flow forms?  Like I mentioned before, I did meet a guy at a Midwest Renewable Energy fair 20 years ago. He had all sorts of shapes and sizes. clear reusable plastic molds. The current fair staff locked though old programs and found nothing.

Please anyone, I am a cronic diy type of person, buying 400lb pre made flow forms from New Zealand, kills me. Please, anyone?

thanks george
2 years ago