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Also... of all my 70 different types of fruit trees... my "Negronne" fig is a "Set it and FORGET IT" tree!  I get HUNDREDS of DELICIOUS figs every season and never fertilize it or anything.  It might be best just to leave it alone and let Mother Nature take care of it  just like in the wild.  

Same with my tomatoes... I leave them alone... I don't fuss with them and they THRIVE!  (They are set on a timer for regular watering on a drip, but no fussing with all the typical things people like to busy themselves with regarding tomatoes.  I get HUNDREDS of tomatoes every season... the more I pick the more I get (on determinant varieties!)
4 years ago
I don't know about the rest of the country, but my figs in Southern California are Deciduous.  The leaves your are showing look exactly like mine when they are ready to "Fall" off and go dormant.  In my case, I would just have a HUGE job ahead of me gathering leaves to compost... not sure about other parts of the country.  In my opinion, there is nothing to worry about... its just that time of year!

:  )

Tall Paul
4 years ago
Hi Guys... Tall Paul here... I've been a massage therapist since 1991 and the most common thing people do when they come to see me is point to the area that is hurting. That is the LAST place I work on!!! Remember the old song, "The leg bone is connected to the thigh bone"? All of our muscles are interconnected, especially through the nervous system. So, rather than touching the neck, I would gently work on the hands, forearms, upper arms, especially the deltoids (google it). I assume he is laying on his back so you can't get to his buttocks and lower back? If you can work on his back, there's a muscle that goes from neck all the way down to the lower back called the sacrospinalis. By starting to massage the buttocks (the largest muscle in the body) and the base of the sacrospinalis then move on up towards mid and upper back, you can really bring a lot of relief. Also, work on his feet, calves, and thighs. By bringing calming, soothing pleasure to the extremities, the back and neck will loosen up.

I am also a "Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist" and know that pain can be completely managed through Paul's AMAZING Mind! The more intelligent you are, the easier hypnosis works for you because you know the power of the brain. This group of Hypnotherapists has an EXCELLENT collection of recordings that you can download. Here's a link specifically to Pain Management (

4 years ago

paul wheaton wrote: Anybody else have any thoughts on anything on the cards that needs a change?

Hi Paul... I bought a brick last time and gave them out to family for Christmas presents etc. A common comment was that the outer package (the yellow card box) was not easy to read and they didn't really know what the cards were from the outside package. I would suggest redesigning the outside packaging from a marketing perspective... design something that will catch someone's eye on a shelf at a bookstore or gift shop. The yellow wasn't ideal in my opinion.

Glad to see this second release!

Tall Paul

paul wheaton wrote:

Adam Baker wrote:Adding some of Jack's stuff will be awesome!
I wonder if Deigo would be down with adding the podcasts from the permaculture voices series?

Ditto for tall Pauls stuff?

No word back from tall paul yet.

Yes... all of my episodes can be included on the Jump Drive that pertain to permaculture...

Dale Hodgins wrote: Am I the only one who would like to see the two Pauls wrestle? Tall Paul has an inch on our guy, but he sounds so nice. I haven't seen him. He may be "bean pole tall" whereas our Paul is "grisly bear tall" and probably meaner. If it goes to the floor, my money is on Mr. Wheaton.

Thanks Dale for saying I'm "so nice" (I consider myself a gentle giant). As far as the wrestling match... maybe we can get a Kickstarter going for that???!!! lol I'm no "bean pole" but Mr. Wheaton is more of a grisly bear than me!

Interested Paul in a wrestling match? We could start the WPW (World Permies Wrestling) and go on the road. We would wear our overalls...

Craig Dobbelyu wrote:Tall Paul has a good thing going with his podcast and I hope he continues to interview folks like P-Wheat in the future.

Thanks Craig... looking forward to doing more!

Here are some other episodes...

and many others at
Paul Wheaton has been on several of my BlogTalkRadio shows recently... Check them out.