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since Jul 08, 2013
Colorado. San Juan Mountains. Zone 4b and Virginia. Clinch Mountain. Zone 7a..
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Hey there. We have a developing "farm" in SW VA. We mostly focus on farming in the forest but also have about an acre of tillable land and a 2,000 sq ft high tunnel. We manage a small CSA and grow gourmet mushrooms and woodland medicinals. You sound like you could be a good fit for our small team. Let's discuss further.
1 year ago

Faye Corbett wrote:

August Salmon wrote:Does anyone use other parts of the plants, besides the berries?

I gather the leaves and dry them for tea.  High in minerals.
Faye Corbett     Appalachia

That's great! I've been thinking about trying this. Does anyone harvest the roots for anything? I have an overly healthy population here.
1 year ago

Casie Becker wrote:When we had a pet rabbit, she absolutely adored the canes. She'd eat the whole thing, thorns and all.

Our goats love them too!
1 year ago
Does anyone use other parts of the plants, besides the berries?
1 year ago
Do any of you in the tri-cities area no of any sort of permies meet ups? Or would anyone be interested in starting one? I've met some interesting and like minded people through Appalachian Sustainable Development and the local Master Gardeners group, but there doesn't seem to be any regular meeting groups focusing on permaculture, that I can find.
4 years ago
Great thread! Grant, Is there a way to access the info from past emails? Thanks.
5 years ago
First generation sustainable farm, forest diversification and gourmet mushroom project
I didn't intend to plug my campaign here, then this page was created. That must be a good sign
This is our first try at crowd funding. Sometimes (almost all the time) you just don't have enough money for all your great ideas . Please take a look. Share or contribute if you can. Thanks!

Oh, suggestions, comments, etc. are appreciated.
5 years ago

- There is a great native plant nursery and a local nursery specializing in local fruit trees and bushes.

Hello, Glad to see there are other like minded folks in the tri-cities. I lived in Asheville and then north of town in Marshall, NC for many years and loved both, I was a renter at that time. I relocated to CO for a few years and when I decided I was ready to move "back East", with the goal of buying a place of my own, I realized Western NC was out of my price range. I'm actually in VA, though still in the tri-cities "metro" area and couldn't be happier. What I bought here for around 150k would have cost me more like 300k anywhere within 45 minutes of Asheville. SO, I guess my vote is for TN/VA.

C Quint, where is this nursery that you mentioned?

Thank you to John Polk for mentioning the TN Forestry order form. Maybe I can go in on an order with someone that lives in TN? Sure would save me a bit (LOT) of money.
5 years ago
I was thinking about trying the same thing. My concerns were, ease of harvest and lack of sunlight. Although growing them on a low tree/shrub like a Rhody would certainly solve the ease of harvest problem.
5 years ago

kadence blevins wrote:

have you heard of moringa trees?
i am just getting into them (waiting on my seeds to start) but they seem like they will work super good for small steads. fast growing, super nutritious, easy to grow, droughtproof. only problem with it is its a more warm weather tree but i'm in ohio and gonna try it and see how it does. maybe work on growing a bunch that do ok up north here.
though, again you wouldnt want these planted in the goat area or else they wont last long. so grow and feed them cuttings.
not sure your location. if you are interested i can dig up the links and things for you.

Hello Kadence, how did it go with the Moringa in your climate?