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Recent posts by Landon Sunrich

Penny - I really like that sound. The swinging twangy boppin' stuff. Neat sound. I've never heard of David Wilcox.
Dave - That's fuckin' sick. I never heard of the King Blues either and I'm sorta shocked by that. I'll have to check um out.

Speaking of awesome music...


Has anyone seen Jenn Fiorentino's latest cover?

I can't get it out of my head. The chorus is infectious and the song on whole is both haunting and sweet, even if the fact that she's decked out in my school colors is almost certainly pure coincidence.

She's gearing up to tour soon and has been working on a new album. I recommended the 'concert window' service to her and she's going to be playing a LIVE SHOW on tuesday april 14th @ 8pm EST. Who knows what sort of special guests might show up?

Donations for admission.

I'm going to be there. How could I not be? 1 $ for a live show in the comfort of your home?!

That's an unbelievable deal, and I complain about the price of EVERYTHING

So that's at least two cool, flash, smart, hip, happening, with it folks for ya right there. Wanna be popular? Come on... It's invitation only!

Seriously, check her out! Tell everyone you know to check her out!

She writes her own music which is way better than her covers. And those speak for themselves. I'm really looking forward to the next album.

Hopefully she makes enough money to make the Journey back out west, she puts on a killer live show! She has spectacular stage presence! And that's coming from me, someone who used to go to two or three shows a night, some people just thrive as the center of attention I guess.

Talent needs to be supported and rewarded, damnit! Or that's my opinion anyway.
8 years ago

Rebecca Norman wrote:Yes yes, of course it started in Holland as a big event, a race in the rare years when the canals would freeze. But just recently I saw an article where a city in Canada had a whole lovely proposal for urban skateways through the city, all charmingly landscaped to look right in summer and winter, with special rubber crosswalks for people on shoes, and everything.

That sounds cool. did they have to pour a bunch of new concrete?
8 years ago
Contents under pressure. Everything below the atmosphere that is.
8 years ago

This is due to altered conditions. The purple tips.
8 years ago

I'm confused. Are you asking about tree houses or something else?
Nice spot X3. Anyone seeing any fire hazards?
8 years ago