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Recent posts by Lars Fabiunke

I solved the 'paying for the video issue' by creating an account and logging in.  Once I logged in on the Just Rhodes page, I can now watch the 45 min video.  I also now wee a 'my stuff' button at the very top.  For now, it only contains the link to the JR video.
I had my first rooster kill this year as well. It was a bit different for me as my boys had hand picked them as day old chicks, raised them and of course they gave them all names. It was tough but I finally did it. What help with the whole process was the following video:

There are 2 parts, they are both worth watching.

I ended up plucking the bird as shown in the video, yeah it was messy, rubber gloves really do help as does stringing the bird upside down. They key was the hot water trick.

Good luck and Bon App├ętit
7 years ago
I will have to check that out, thank you for the tip. I had thought that perhaps I could heat up the oven with the rocket, but I got my brain in a pretzel trying to figure out the damper.

I am adding aluminum foil plus 4 inches of perlite/clay slip as the base, then placing fire brick on top of that. E&E recommend, when a combustible base, 3 inch perlite/clay slip, I padded up. all that rests on corrugated aluminum. That should be enough for the cob oven, no?
The slab under the oven is pretty much all urbanite bricks from an old BBQ, stacked, packed and mortared together. I have some tile I was going to use for the inside flooring.

I am also worried about the RMH under the structure. One I don't have that much space, since I tossed the idea for a RMH being the pre/main heater. Two, if I end up making a small RMH, it may not even heat the bench...
7 years ago
wow.. here I go off to get some breakfast and mull my day's schedule and there is a reply already . Thank you for the answers and thank you for the correction on the Perlite error!

First of all I am using Ernie & Erica's Plan for 2 Chamber oven. Then I thought man it would be nice if I could make it so that we could enjoy a heated bench for the cool evenings. So dreamed up a plan and built it in 3D.
Enclosed is my ..ah-hem plan. The dream view (external), what the base structure looks like and my envisioned "pipe dream"

I am using old bricks, old blocks and new, fence posts, you name it. The base is done, the bench, the pipes, the cob oven and the rocket stove is not (yet)

Once you are done laughing, be gentle with your critique

7 years ago
I have access to some Aluminum Flex Duct (not aluminum foil duct) and was wondering if I could use that in the thermal bench part. I was thinking I would pack it (all around) in Perlite/Clay slip and surround it by bricks and big river rock I have laying around. I was curious since Big Al's sacrificial form comment made me think that this may be an option.

This is for an outdoor bench. The actual connection to R.M.H. would be stove piping. I am only interested in using the Aluminum Flex for the bench part and possible leading up to the horizontal exhaust pipe.

Thanks a bunch for your input.

(n00b to R.M.H.)
7 years ago