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since Aug 24, 2013
Hello Permies! I knew there was an answer to always having to buy more stuff for my garden. There had to be a way to become self sustainable. I began reading Gaia's Garden and found my way home to permies.com. I am honored to be amoung other like minded people.
Frisco, TX - 7b - 8a border
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Can we attend virtually?  Via Unlisted YT or Vimeo vids for a fee?  Access anytime?
One Straw revolution was an amazing and eye opening read.  
Would love to learn more but will be unable to attend multiple weeks in a row.
2 months ago
Great post, is that your kitchen?  It is beautiful! I love the open cabinets and large stove top.

To feel a lil fancy, I place lemon rinds in my vinegar.

Still looking for a good permie solution for laundering work pants.  
The method I tried with borax and washing soda does not get the dirt or mud out all the way.
2 months ago
“Is that a homeopathic thing?”

The word homeopathic is not a familiar term so I may refrain from making a statement to which I am unfamiliar.

My history with the herb, Astragalus is from a friend who went in for surgery and her Doc said to take it to build her immune system for a better recovery.

I did some googs and found that Chinese have made it one of the 50 foundation herbs in Chinese medicine. It’s from the milk vetch family and does not have any side effects for me.

Here’s a a few links to get you started.

I prefer Whole Foods Standardized or Gaia Astagulus Supreme.
3 months ago

Try Astragalus (Standardized) for allergies. I will pop 4 (1000 mg) at one time for a sneezing or runny nose extravaganza. 2 in AM/ 2 PM during Spring - First Frost is routine. No side affects except no more sneezing and less mucous in pathways!

If you have ragweed in your yard, keep pulling it out as it grows season after season; eventually it will be removed from your garden/ yard/ land.
3 months ago
Boy it is hard to find "Grown & Made in the USA" these days.  "Manufactured for" and "Assembled in USA" seem easier to find.

I really like the SOS From Texas for Long Sleeve Cotton shirts to work outside in.

Red Ant Pants are daily workhorse pants that I would recommend to anyone!
These pants have lasted over 5 years washing them every other day cycling between 3 pairs.

Thorlos America Made Original Padded Sock is my favorite year around.  
Everyone in my family gets a few pairs each Christmas!

Blue Canoe is Organic Cotton and Made in the USA, but it does not talk about being "grown" here.
Nothing like soft cotton again your skin for me lady parts.
3 months ago
Freelance Writer Mary Karish authors a very educational and entertaining article about HK in a main stream gardening magazine, Texas Gardener, March/ April 2015. She talks about her grandmother using HK, before HK was cool. Mary's grandmother called HK "moussaka". I have been a long time subscriber to Texas Gardener, they are really embracing different techiques to improve everyone's knowledge of gardening. Mary tips her hat to Sepp Holzer in the article, describes each step and why, then concludes with which plants to grow as the HK bed marinates over the years. I was kind of sad that the article was over. I read it again. Then out of the corner of my eye in the bottom right hand corner of the page! 3 links, #2 link.... richsoil.com

That is pretty slick that Mary linked to permies.com. I have a digital scubscription, but I have found Texas Gardener at Sprouts Grocery Stores. Fantastic article for teaching others about HK!

5 years ago
Nice Job, Jason! I am looking for the same ways to become self sufficient here in North Texas. I currently raise chickens for eggs on my urban plot and have a nice garden for veggies.
6 years ago
Hello Indigo,

Welcome to permies! I am a new gardener too! I have a awesome link to a companion cheat sheet! http://www.ilonasgarden.com/start-here/articles/learn/build-garden-knowledge/companion-planting-cheatsheet/ I hope it helps.

Edited: Premies to Permies, lol