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since Aug 24, 2013
Hello Permies!  I knew there was an answer to always having to buy more stuff for my garden.  There had to be a way to become self sustainable.  I began reading Gaia's Garden and found my way home to permies.com.  I am honored to be amoung other like minded people.  
Frisco, TX - 7b - 8a border
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Freelance Writer Mary Karish authors a very educational and entertaining article about HK in a main stream gardening magazine, Texas Gardener, March/ April 2015. She talks about her grandmother using HK, before HK was cool. Mary's grandmother called HK "moussaka". I have been a long time subscriber to Texas Gardener, they are really embracing different techiques to improve everyone's knowledge of gardening. Mary tips her hat to Sepp Holzer in the article, describes each step and why, then concludes with which plants to grow as the HK bed marinates over the years. I was kind of sad that the article was over. I read it again. Then out of the corner of my eye in the bottom right hand corner of the page! 3 links, #2 link.... richsoil.com

That is pretty slick that Mary linked to permies.com. I have a digital scubscription, but I have found Texas Gardener at Sprouts Grocery Stores. Fantastic article for teaching others about HK!

5 years ago
Nice Job, Jason! I am looking for the same ways to become self sufficient here in North Texas. I currently raise chickens for eggs on my urban plot and have a nice garden for veggies.
5 years ago
Hello Indigo,

Welcome to permies! I am a new gardener too! I have a awesome link to a companion cheat sheet! http://www.ilonasgarden.com/start-here/articles/learn/build-garden-knowledge/companion-planting-cheatsheet/ I hope it helps.

Edited: Premies to Permies, lol
I'm sorry for not keeping up with the emails about the kick starter. I have changed my email to match and submitted my vimeo name. May I have access to the DVD's download too?
Stand Tall and Stand Proud! Do your thing Paul!

You have touched so many people.

Can we run over the nay sayers with the tractor?

I love these and Kristie's pix. Have you ever seen Alaska The Last Frontier? It's like what you guys are doing, homesteading but with a permie focus. You guys should video your escapades as you build everything! Share it with the world!!!
6 years ago
Thank you, John! I think that is a great idea. I will try my huglekuture beds somewhere else. My pecans do need some kind of ground cover, it is mainly bare soil where the st. augustine has dried up.
6 years ago
Hello! I am a newbie to these parts, I have been listening to all the podcasts, reading gaia's garden and searching the forums. But, I cannot seem to find any information on hugelkultur beds around established pecan trees. I live in North Texas and my pecan trees are suffering through the summer heat. I would like to build hugels from east to west to capture water runoff from the driveway. I will build them at the drip line. Any advice for a new permie?
6 years ago