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Recent posts by William Hiers

I'm William!
I live in central ct. Recently i went through a major life shakeup involving a split from my partner of many years and after months of growing and healing I'm ready to get on with my life. I'm looking for friends guys and girls and maybe some dates if anyone is interested. Just need some people who share my interests in my life and i won't find that at the bar or in my swales lol.
Please reach out if you feel the same need for connection,
Or 860-575-4176
3 months ago
That aero art is cool, I'm going to have to look into that! When i think of this concept my first thought is the trompe from one of bill mollisons lectures. There are a lot of alternative technologies out there, that's why we are here isn't it?!?

Another is the chinese wheelbarrow. The idea is that it has one big wheel in the middle so the load is on the when instead of your back. I've wanted one of these for years but i don't think it's something you can buy and i would love for someone to show me how I'm wrong or how easy it is to actually make one!
3 months ago
I made a post in the singles forum years ago and connected with 2 people but nothing serious ever came out of it. I find myself contemplating my relationship status a lot right now and i do wish there were permaculture mixers I could go to. Even if they were on zoom it would be nice to connect with like minded people. I'm in a Permaculture dead zone which makes it even worse. (Insert insult aimed at the state of ct here!) Honestly I'm hoping to meet someone at a farmers market since I'm trying to cut back on the phone usage but the odds are slim, guess i better start hoping for fate to intervene lol
6 months ago
There is transition and there is Transition. To use the T you need to register with the non profit. But anyone can work to get their community more local and resilient.
11 months ago
Parts of your writing really remind me of videos I've seen by Toby Hemingway. I'm involved in some local wilderness schools based around the teachings of Jon young. There is some permaculture and I would say the difference is between the word living and the word being. Permaculture is living in/with nature and there is so much more life to have than just being, sitting and observing and communing. It's good to know about shelters but it's better to have a home. I'm reading a book about unschooling and nature connection so I'm very excited by this topic and your book!
11 months ago
I went to business school with the idea of starting a lermaculture business. The part I struggled with was the demographics of your customers. Who is your book written for. This is my opinion but it seems like it is written for people,who want an overview of solutions but not people who need the information to try something. Its vast but not chunky. A relevant example would be the section on feral beekeeping. I read that and it made so much sense to me that I wanted to try it, and well it left me empowered it hardly gave me the tools I needed. It did help me think critically about beekeeping and maybe that's all we really need. You could Market the book as a way to think critically about your lifestyle choices and as a way to overview many different choices your lifestyle could take. So for target audience it could people who are ready to respond to climate change through individual action and are just starting out and want to survey their options. Maybe future drafts could include a quiz and a challenge to get engagement between the reader and the material because that seems to be the weak link. Who is the target audience for your book? My professor always laughed at me when I said everyone was my target for permaculture...
1 year ago
Hi Paul,
The exponential function builds very slowly. My cousin wrote a book 10 years ago and only recently has it gotten him some recognition. I think one of the big helpers was the ted talk he did where he talked about his work. As always I think the problem is audience. I bought a dozen books and they are all gathering dust and I wish i had a dozen more but I would be crazy to expect a different result. I describe the book as a physical index of many topics on permies, the book itself is like an inbound marketing tool for the forum. It seems like you need to get out there on ted talks and podcasts and radio shows and talk up the book and use that to draw prople into the forum rather than the other way around. Maybe break the book up and rather than try to attract everybody all at once you could go section by section for that specific audience, people that want chickens might not care about bees and its a long way from chickens to composting toilets. I wish you luck but at the end of the day people either need to have the want or you need to manufacture it in them. Maybe try noam chomsky...
1 year ago
My email is williamhiers(@)gmail, so send me a message and lets connect!
Looking to connect with permies in the ct area! I find myself craving actual connections and some camaraderie and would love to connect to people for a chat. I love to help people with their projects too!
Hi everybody,
Ive read through a bunch of these and I think its admirable to pour your heart out and see who is your kindred spirit. Just connecting with someone on here means that they are already closer to you than 90% of "everybody else."

After years of trying to escape the place I grew up (central Connecticut) I finally realized that there is no place i would rather be. With that revelation I am full steam ahead to getting a house with some land and at 29, I'm 5 years past ready to start putting down some roots.

I'm just wondering who is around my area, friends, permies, potential work partiers lol. The perfect girl could be out there somewhere too!

So if you are in the constitution state send me a message and lets connect! Williamhiers (@) gmail
2 years ago