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Recent posts by cd shahan

paul wheaton wrote:

We have learned that about 70% of our kickstarter income comes from the dailyish email.

Thanks for the insight, very interesting indeed.

And the Aweber recomendation. Great Thread!

Cassie Langstraat wrote:

"I uploaded two podcasts in one day. I made so many mistakes, I
doubt I will try that again.

That was worth a giggle.

The free stuff stimulating growth makes sense.


I really enjoy the newsletter format permies uses. I think I was subscribed around #10,000...Memory check!?!

It's like having a guide, instead of trying to tackle the mountain on your own.

I have a few questions:

What was the born-on-date of the daily-ish?

What did the format look like in the early days and how has it changed? (Maybe you could pull one from the archives)

When did it experience the most growth, was there a tipping point?

Some other random figures would be cool; click-through rates, total links posted, etc.

Thank you and keep on keepin' on!


Great pics Lori Christie!
8 years ago
Thanks Annalisa Giust!

Nice to meet everyone and some I may not have gotten around to chatting up.

Let's keep in touch here or
8 years ago
jude spaith,
If the venue changes to a bigger space we will update the forum!
8 years ago
Sandra Everette,
I have a 1 1/2 hour drive from Sedro Woolley, sorry that I am not able to help.
8 years ago
Paul made the call for Annalisa's offer, as he was running out of time to make a decision.
Woodway would have been nice for our commute from Sedro Woolley.
8 years ago
Great article William.
This is a very inspiring story that can set us on the fast track to our own permaculture orchard.
Thanks for the in-depth review. Cant wait to get the DVD!
8 years ago