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That's fine; I understand because I'm what a lot of people call a 'hermit', but I have come to realize much of my fear of people stemmed from the cross section of people I was around. Around like minded people I thrive, especially if I'm in my element. But I understand what you're saying; truth be told I might just have my eyes too big for my stomach and I might not want to live with that many people constantly, who does? But I do want it to be a community and education center sometimes so it wouldn't be comfortable for people who don't like large groups. Believe me I typically don't like large gatherings either but I imagine a hoard of ecokids mashing cobb is less intimidating than a sea of your typical overworked dark-sunglassed slightly-buzzed weekend festival goers.

Thanks for your kind words about my project, I'll keep on going with it.
7 years ago
Hello, I wonder if I can help you guys and anyone interested. I came here to this forum yesterday seeking people who might be interested in my total sustainability land use concept that I just posted on indiegogo. I made the mistake of jumping the gun and posting it before I had a large community... mostly because without the profile itself it was hard to describe it all to friends and family and coworkers. But I need people now to look at it and tell me if they're interested or not. I'm looking for 3-4 constant live in adults with or without kids, but preferably with because I have 2 toddler boys by myself and I want to have community. We'd be putting up yurts at first, then installing solar and gardens, though it would be on-grid. After keeping ourselves warm for the winter with our wood-heated yurts we would have a massive cobb project in the spring to make the main house / meeting hub, then the yurts would become night shelter and planning / meeting / storage places. I can't go into too much detail or I'd go on forever. The project, you'll see, is sprawling, but I tried to condense it as much as possible. Please take a look and let me know if you might be interested, of course I'd have to talk to you and make connection with you to decide if you'd be a fit as well.

YES aquaponics, passive irrigation, bio water treatment, aquaculture. We will also have geodesic biodomes for growing and/or living.

*Edit and PS: Please if you're serious let me know ASAP because it's a bonus for me if I can get people to make a IGG profile and commit, it improves the chances of getting funded. Of course sharing it widely helps too.
7 years ago
Developing a thriving community of people growing most of their own food all the time as the norm is a cherished dream of mine personally. I wish it was as popular as facebook, as natural as washing cars in the driveway, to have the place you pay so much for keep money in the door. Anyway, enough preaching to the choir.

I was brainstorming a garden networking app that would be sort of like facebook meets craiglist meets meetup meets google maps for people with sustainability-oriented projects in a community to get together online. I know that sounds like, do they have an app? Maybe I'm talking to the wrong crowd about app development but that's part of my point, the line between the organic and the techno needs to come down big time in order for "normal people" to access the funky freshness of permaculture.
7 years ago
Hello, I come to from the wilds of Google, looking for intellectual and physical contributors for my project. I'm organizing a homestead slash sustainability and nature education center in the Pacific Northwest, on the edge of the Olympic Rainforest in WA State. We will be employing all kinds of high-tech and ancient technologies covering all the amenities of life, establishing as close as we can to zero dollar upkeep so that extra funds can go into a grant program to help fund other projects for interested 'permies' elsewhere.

I have an IndieGogo campaign set up already but I made the mistake of linking to it in my first post on another forum so I won't do that again right away! If I get any responses on this thread to post the link I will - in the meantime I'm trying to be careful not to stink of a "panhandler" as I've been called.

Anyway, is there anybody near my area who would be interested in this? The fundraiser ends in 2 months and I will hopefully be beginning construction on the project and planting fall beds like garlic and red wheat. I have included a pretty picture I painted that won't necessarily look just like the final project, because I haven't picked the exact site yet, but it gives some sort of visual representation of my goals.

Techs will include cobb, geodesic biodomes, EV conversion, solar, vertical axis wind generation, aquaculture, aquaponics, water treatment, etc.
7 years ago
Wow that zung but I'd better get used to it and avoid reacting emotionally. You are brutally correct and straight to the point. I'm well aware it's faux pas and even rude and everyone here has my apologies. I posted it in the 'financial' section because (and I don't reckon I was clear enough) I wanted also start a conversation about the viability of crowdfunding itself to finance sustainability. I think if sustainability nuts don't colonize IGG itself we should organize a crowdfunding site specifically for that cause.

I haven't developed enough of a network and though I'm working twitter and facebook and eventually Pinterest and G+ as well I would get value out of making connections where I end up on the web. I have the disposition of being in limbo right now between communities - experienced somewhat in IT and web design and promoting other campaigns for moneys, lately getting out there in the field and doing stuff physically, but haven't yet connected to online permaculture groups. Yes this is my first post. I made it unfortunately after I put the campaign together. I don't have much time to get lots of exposure but I do want to network. As part of creating that exposure I will have to yes google places where I can put it in the sight of the public eye and leave myself up to the discussion of the masses.

Anyway thanks for the constructive criticism.. PS I did contribute something.. isn't it a pretty picture I painted?
7 years ago
Hi I'm new on this forum, and I am promoting a project, but I think the people here (and everywhere) might really like it. I hope to develop a network here and everywhere I go promoting this thing, it's been my dream for a while and I'm very excited about sharing it. I want to encourage discussion around it and projects like it and develop crowdfunding as an incredible sustainable financial engine for this kind of development. At this point all the project is is a crowdfunding campaign and Facebook page, but I have a wealth of experience myself as I've been brought up gardening in a Earth conscious household by a naturalist mom. I have helped coordinate organic farms and taken care of countless gardens for myself and others, and have been itching for some time to get into some land. Of course that's the case for everybody who wants to do this and I understand others have their own projects they have painstakingly developed and promoted, and mine is not necessarily special - just mine.

I have 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl, who will be getting to school age soon, and this project is just as much for them as it is for me. I am not satisfied by the focus (or lack thereof) on natural education in the classroom, as many parents are familiar. This is one more step I'm taking to begin to assemble a life in which work and education and play can all mix harmoniously and abundance can flow through us and out into the rest of the world.

I'm not here asking for financial contributions directly, mostly to bring exposure and natural traffic (hey, it's the internet after all!) but my intention isn't to farm this place or any place but to develop correspondence and connections and yes even friendships!

This is a hopefully-above-100% sustainability lifestyle project on the Olympic Peninsula in WA State, where I am hoping to raise $180,000 (the purchase price of a 3-bedroom mortgaged house around here) through my IGG campaign to purchase at least 5 acres outright. The idea will not only be to minimize ecological impact but improve soil and water quality - working with biology to turn the property into a water treatment center.

Housing will be green-manufactured yurts at first, but soon after we set up base camp we will start a community work project on the main house which will be a cobb / earth house.

We will be on-grid with massive solar (that's a big chunk of the budget) to create power revenue. Since there is no mortgage and as few expenses as possible after set up costs, revenue will go into the organization to develop a grant system whereby other startups can get going in their areas.

Education, education, education in all ways for all ages will be offered, and a documentary of the project as well as mini-docs and pamphlets and over time a veritable encyclopedia of sustainability techniques will be developed.

Aquaculture/irrigation ponds and creeks will run throughout the property, with lots of riparian/marshland species and wild rice helping to clean grey water. There will be indoor plumbing but we will try to rely mostly on composting toilets for most of our physical body waste.

Part of the budget goes to also convert the vehicles to electric, and we hope to develop partial recharging solar and wind systems to increase daily battery longevity and reduce reliance on charging stations and the power grid. I have experience wiring up solar and batteries, I would also like to start 'solar networking', contacting landowners and putting to use tracts of land with powerpoles that have been left bare by the housing bubble, before the houses were built.

These are just a few of the features that we have lined out for the project! Please if you are interested check it out here, and share - Like I said, people's eyeballs on the project (and constructively helpful suggestions for how to improve it) are the best currency I can ask for. Yes I need the money too, but that's not the point right now.

PM or comment here if you would like any more information. I will also be looking for live-in volunteers to help construct and maintain it as time goes on. If you are in the area and want to visit or help out you're certainly welcome! For now I need anybody interested to share this concept like seeds to the wind!


Brendan McNamara
Founder, EarthStar Enterprises / Making Sustainability Real on Facebook

EDIT: SPECIFIC TO THIS THREAD, I would like to start a discussion about crowdfunding as a viable option for permaculture projects to get the capital they need in a hostile and barren traditional financial environment.
7 years ago