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since Sep 24, 2013
I'm going to be off permies for awhile.  If you'd like to reach me - please send email to JLWADSWORTH@YAHOO.COM

Jen 7/24/15
Phoenix, AZ (9b)
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The spoon theory is really useful for those of us battling various chronic illnesses. I've managed to not only survive but THRIVE because of the spoon theory.

I should have been up at Paul's this past week for his retreat for staff. But spoon theory and obligations here (Phoenix) dictated that I do otherwise. My love for all of you enjoying Paul's hospitality right now, and to Paul and Jocelyn. Phoenix is just too damn happening for me to get away right now.

Peace to my Permies and rock on!
3 years ago
Voted! I love the way people are showing up to help out! Permies is all about community - we can do this together.

3 years ago
This Indigogo campaign was put together by Reinventing Roots a permaculture group in the Negev (desert) in Israel who are training indigenous people in permaculture principles. They are trying to raise $750 to help buy some tools and supplies for their upcoming course.

Here's an idea of how far a couple of dollars (or shekels) can go:

$2: 2-liter bottle of drinking water
$6: Trowel to tend community garden
$6.50: Round-trip bus ticket to Beer Sheva to pick up supplies
$19.50: Pitchfork to build small-scale agriculture
$23.00: Soccer ball for soccer lessons and break times
$100.00: Tarp to shade playground to protect students from hot, desert sun

Please consider donating to this program to get more permaculture knowledge to more indigenous peoples!

3 years ago