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since Oct 15, 2013
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Own 73 acre property in Tasmania, Australia. Sandy / river silt soil.low ph. No nutrients due to leaching.  Grazing country. Own water source. Zone 9b
Australia, Now zone 10a, costal, sandy, windy and temperate.
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I am still hunting for Mediterranean information and I found this website and the practical info was really good!

Has any one read this book? Jones, Louisa 2012 Mediterranean Landscape Design, Thames & Hudson, London.

5 months ago
I must say I’m enjoying this thread. Thanks
9 months ago
I am disabled and in a wheelchair. but my partner and I have thought long and hard about how we’re going to cope with climate change. We are getting older and were wondering what we can offer the community.

we have purchased a large property and have a excess of good pastures which we don’t need, so are going to adjist other people‘s animals on it for free and put in Two of our own for the freezer. the owner of the animals will look after them for us. We have already negotiated this with the community to everybody satisfaction.

But what skills can we actually offer the community. I am a social worker and good communicator and my mother taught me some basics in herbal medicine. But I was always concerned about the Scientific background of some of these mixtures And getting the proportions correct! I don’t want to kill any animal or person accidentally.

I was delighted to see the new book by Dr Sharol Tilgner,  and according to the preview it appears it is well balanced in scientific research as well as herbal knowledge. I really would like to win this book to be able to really help the community and myself .

So I’m asking for help To get this book... so please like this post in any way you can so this post really stands out.

Thank you Giselle.
10 months ago
Unless they are big chucks of wood, then no.. it will compress and compact as sawdust, not allowing air and water to circulate.
10 months ago
Hi I am in a chair, with the same issues. I use raised beds with wood in the base. I just used lots of logs all different shapes then filled with leaf litter then dirt, straw and compost. You need to top up about 3cm each year as the wood breaks down but now my soil is light fluffy and grows anything. Make sure you plumb in a water system.. I used a leaking water hose. ( designed to leak! Lol)  They definitely last better than a normal bed with water retention and don’t dry out so fast.
10 months ago
See we do read this.. thankyou Casie !
Black Truffles are full of carbs.. they grown under hazelnut and oak trees..underground.  I'm planning of putting these in for an additional cash crop. Plus they taste good!
1 year ago
The latest plastic woods are not slippery.. we have just had a friend put her leg through a wooden deck.. as I'm in a wheelchair.. I can't afford that risk!
2 years ago
Hey John, having a rough day ??this should make you laugh! In Tasmania we have to plan for all kind of pests.. any suggestions on how to deal with this... "Australian fur seal weighing 200kg wanders down Tasmanian street, squashes car" seriously ... check out this...