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Own 73 acre property in Tasmania, Australia. Sandy / river silt soil.low ph. No nutrients due to leaching.  Grazing country. Own water source. Zone 9b
Australia, Now zone 10a, costal, sandy, windy and temperate.
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In 1975 the BBC in the UK aired a show called ‘The good life’  and at the age of 14 I was hooked...Since then it’s been a journey of learning and experimenting. I was clearly ahead of my friends and work colleagues in understanding about working with nature instead of against it...I was called a hippie a lot! Even though I wasn’t one. But finally it seems the world has worked it out.... you do less work, for more gain!
5 months ago
I found this info....If you are starting from scratch, you’ll have to decide what to plant with elderberry. White pine trees or quaking aspen are good elderberry companion plants, if you want something taller than the shrubs. For a plant about the same size, consider winterberry. Remember that elderberries do not like their roots disturbed once they are established. Therefore, it’s a good idea to install elderberry companion plants at the same time you plant the shrubs.

Other good ideas for elderberry companion planting include edging your vegetable garden with the shrubs or mixing them with other berry shrubs, like currants and gooseberries. Phlox and bee balm work well when you are planting with elderberries in this way.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Elderberry Plant Companions – Tips On Planting With Elderberries
6 months ago
I would talk to a professional permancuturist.. they are very good at looking at land and how microclimates can be created. .. and they definitely understand water!!
1 year ago
Amend should read : 5 metres DEEP!
1 year ago
You need to make sure there is air/ water circulation .. we have a 5 metre dam that is dying as it is too deep due to lack of movement .. so we are having to spend $10k on three air pumps.  The fish can not survive this this environment.
1 year ago
To make if easier I would go with permaculture.. check out   Geoff Lawton Permaculture online...he runs it as a profitable farm.. very very well respected permaculturist.  
1 year ago