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Discovered Permaculture in the Winter of my gardening life. Went to Permaculture Voices 1. Took a Design course, and now Re-doing my garden to incorporate permaculture principles. I believe it will enable me to keep gardening for many many years.
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Oklahoma, USA
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Recent posts by Laura Johnson

I cannot find where to watch the movie?
1 year ago
I paid for the movie - I think I accidentally did a gift also. I cannot find where I watch the movie! And I did not want a gift. How do I fix this?
1 year ago
Is there anyone in NE Oklahoma? Moved to Muskogee last year. Have not found any Permies yet.
1 year ago
That is why I installed the 2x2 lumber along the edge of the tub. It helps - no slippery edge.
1 year ago

I am 80 years old. I bought a Kohler  soaking tub on Craig’s list for $150. It was 6 feet long. I worried about getting out of it. I had a 2x2 piece of lumber installed along the outside left edge. I sit up grasp the 2x2 with my right hand and spin around backwards. Then stand up backwards. And step out. Works great.
I can get out of a regular tub by spinning around backwards and standing up also - try it.
I looked into the tubs with a door, you have to sit there until the water drains out. Figured I would get cold. And the expense.
Love to soak  my Arthritic bones in a hot tub.
1 year ago
The ants are farming scale. Watch for the scale - which look like little dots. Clean them off with rubbing alcohol and a rough rag. Then get some good worm castings to put around your lemon. For some reason it prevents scale.
It does not say what zone you are in. Lemons are hardy to 27 degrees.
I have a Meyer Lemon that is about 20 years old. It is in a huge pot. I bring it in to the greenhouse every November with a furniture dolly. The lemons ripen , then It blooms and sets fruit in the greenhouse.
If you live in a frost area, a few do not have a place to over winter the lemon, you can build a pvc pipe frame. Cover it with clear plastic and put some light bulbs in ther to turn on when it gets cold. The old kind of light bulbs that give off heat.
I have a 40 year old Garden Way cart, it has hauled everything. If I can balance something on it - ( furniture) I can move it! And it can haul really heavy loads. It had hard rubber tires that I wore out  and I have replaced the balance bar twice. I am 78 years old and have certainly got my money’s worth. I LOVE MY CART.  Carts Vermont make a similar cart
2 years ago
I have tried numerous times and have not had success. Would love to know how. Any help?
2 years ago
Thanks, I will try those. The benefits are worth the effort. I need to try some other recipes too. Here is the elderberry process I used.
3 years ago