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Best I can find is this reference, but it doesn't tell me much more than I already have in the book.

link to pdf download

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10 years ago
Thanks, John! In the edition that I have, Ms. Stout even mentions using one year roots, as the two year roots seemed to not have much of an advantage over the one year roots. Of course, she does caveat that the information is coming purely from second hand sources - don't have the book with me right now, but I seem to recall them being the local nursery as well as some gardening encyclopedia.
10 years ago
I recently picked up a copy of Gardening Without Work by Ruth Stout and was intrigued by her respect for a Mr. J. A. Eliot. She mentions in particular a leaflet from him entitled "Every Garden can Easily Have Asparagus" which supposedly contains a bunch of useful advice that she didn't reprint in her book due to copyright (and in earning Mr. Eliot some money for his work). I was hoping to grab a copy to read and tried Googling for it, but to no avail. Does anyone have a source for this document? It would have been published before 1961 (when GWW was published). Stout mentions sending fifty cents to J. A. Eliot, Route 1, Califon, New Jersey to get a copy, but I'm guessing that won't work.
10 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:So the lights will still be banned, but they will take away the enforcement of the ban? So, the exact same story from two years ago.

Of course, it was the light bulb industry that lobbied for the ban.

So who wants to start an business that is illegal, but there is currently no funding to come and regulate the law?

Unfortunately, that's how I'm reading it as well - but I'm certainly no lawyer. Too bad!
10 years ago
Looks like Page 435 of the bill contains the goods. (Bill at

12 SEC. 322. None of the funds made available in this
13 Act may be used—
14 (1) to implement or enforce section 430.32(x)
15 of title 10, Code of Federal Regulations; or
16 (2) to implement or enforce the standards es-
17 tablished by the tables contained in section
18 325(i)(1)(B) of the Energy Policy and Conservation
19 Act (42 U.S.C. 6295(i)(1)(B)) with respect to
20 BPAR incandescent reflector lamps, BR incandes-
21 cent reflector lamps, and ER incandescent reflector
22 lamps.

10 years ago
Has anyone got the details on the new legislation passed? I noticed in this article that they stopped implementation of the ban on incandescent bulbs!

(Somebody tell Paul!)

UPDATE: I guess it hasn't "passed" yet, but apparently has bipartisan support... maybe as soon as Wednesday.
10 years ago
My uncle has a small dairy farm of about 50 head of Jerseys and I'd describe them much more the way you feel they "used" to be. So I'm guessing it might be confined more to your area or how those particular farms treated them. My uncle has about 300 ac that he lets them browse on when not milking and they seem very happy and healthy when I visit them.
10 years ago
I heartily second John's suggestions of chickens. If you haven't already, I would check out Paul's chicken article ( and Geoff Lawton's videos on pastured chickens as a way to kick start a food forest ( I'd also suggest you get started on some simple perennials that you can plant now and then harvest from yearly. Stuff like asparagus, berries, fruit trees - which honestly is right in line with many of Paul's suggestions in his article and will go hand in hand with the chickens, if you so choose. Only other thing I'd ask about is rain harvesting... with some observation you might be able to find some places where water runs regularly down your property (since you're on a hill) and take advantage of them.
10 years ago
Santa dropped me off a copy as well! Hoping I can keep up with the pace, but if not, then at least I can read and come back to the discussions as I finish the chapters.
10 years ago
I don't have personal experience there, but have you seen this?
10 years ago