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Recent posts by Landor LeBaron

Yeah. Anything goes.
If you say, "cauliflower," I will chew.

"What we throw away in California for cosmetic reasons could end world hunger."
Yuuh a long time ago I worked in a grocery store produce department and we threw away tons more there.

I'm watching them cutting off all those great leaves, freaking out. I WANT 'EM!
6 years ago
I'm in. Thank you for what you are doing.
6 years ago

Eivind Bjoerkavaag wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:So, what do you think of the title?

It LOOKS cool, but personally I find it a little bit, how to say this, heavy? It's like you come crushing with something big, perhaps not like an elephant in a china shop, more like, hm, a big ass excavator ripping up mother nature making her your personal bitch - sort of. Could it be a little bit more hippie peace freakish? (<- I can't believe I actually found a suitable place for that term!). Like "Save the world gardening - featuring... etc"

Rich Harkrader wrote:Ummm, "World Domination Gardening" sounds like a Kickstarter from Monsanto. It also isn't very descriptive of the content. How bout "Hey baby, wanna see my excavator?" instead?

I think you are simultaneously getting the point and completely missing the point at the same time.
Have you ever heard Paul speak? Do you get him? Do you empathize with his RAGE? Do you grok his motivation?

Assuming I do, here's what I think:
This stuff is so overwhelmingly serious that it is imperative to have fun. You must must must assume tongues in cheeks, winks, and twinkles, and discomfort, and work. What do you think all the pie is for?
Sean, you and I will be on the same flight.
They'll be picking us up from MSO, but I'll send you my kontaktinfos in a purple mooseage.
See you there!
6 years ago
This is simply amazing.
6 years ago
HECKA! I'm in too. Thanks.
6 years ago
I think there could be a very small business in this kind of service and I am interested in pursuing it.
Paul, would you license me to redistribute your content for this purpose (or whatever the legal mumbo jumbo reduces to)?
I would build a website where a user logs in, selects what they want from a list of files from content providers, and pays. The selected files would be put on their selected media and it'd be shipped. Repeat users could send their drives back to be reused.
Content providers would/could manage their libraries, so users could periodically get all the new stuff.
Discuss via email?