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Making is a different story, But if you are talking buying, then this is my cape of choice.
Australian Riding Coat, Waterproof Oilcloth Duster.

1 week ago

May Lotito wrote:Violet flowers are great for salad and the greens are edible too. Used in stir fry and the leaves taste like something between spinach and kale. I failed to get any brassicas this spring because of slugs. I tried violet for the first time and actually like it better.

Not all Violet are as tasty as others, you are lucky you got one of the best.
Like day lilies & hasta, you can eat the whole plant.
2 weeks ago
Matthew Nistico, Do you have cuttings for sale, that you could mail to me??
I am willing to prepay for the goods & S&H or do you have an ETSY account??
I understand if you do not want to do this.
2 weeks ago
Love the bat houses, I am looking at putting up Blue bird houses to hold down the grasshoppers.
The Bat house should work on night pest.
2 weeks ago
Ben Zumeta,
What Hardiness zone are you in, I am in South Carolina Zone 8a, I am wondering if tree collards/tree kale will over winter here.
Or if I should take cuttings every years & plant them out in spring like an annual?
Thanks for your post & photos.
2 weeks ago
I agree, I want to see the frame covered with edible things!
2 weeks ago
"Has anyone played with Perennial Tree Collards?" Ed Lewis
No, but I Live South Carolina & I have had collards last four years & would have made it though August heat wave, but I did not water them & they died. I plant the kind that you pick the leaves & leave the stalk, with a few small leaves in the top like a rose blooms. I have picked fresh collards on the third of July for the fourth of July dinner.
2 weeks ago
Tell me if any of these are perennials:
Good old Henry-yes
Vineland Hardy Prickly Pears-yes
Purple Shiso /Perilla?
Red Fire Orach?
Ruby Red Swiss Chard?
I am planting in zone 8a, I have seeds, thanks.
2 weeks ago
"Got a few free elderberry plants (~two years, maybe production this year, for chickens raw, cooked for people."

Me Too! I just got two rooted cutting, elderberry grow wild here, but I do not know where any are, so I bought two.
2 weeks ago
Mike Haasl wrote:
"Multiplier or potato onions seem like they fit the bill."

I have a small nest onion, that is great for green onions & bulbs, because it is small it is easy to pickle with other vegetables.
The onion grows for ten months here, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, green /French artichoke, collards all can live for many years in temperate climate.
3 weeks ago