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Recent posts by Thomas Clodfelter

I'm thinking of adding a few turkeys to our collection of animals.
Does anyone have a way of sexing turkey chicks?
I don't want to get all Toms.
I'd like to get one Tom and at least 2 or 3 hens.
Is there a way to tell by the wing feathers?

I saw a video where a guy said to hold them by the breast/shoulder and suspend them...
If the feet draw up it's a hen...if they extend... it's a Tom.
Another video said to look at the back of the head...
A Toms head will be more square and a hens will be slender!?

Any help or information will be greatly appreciated.

7 years ago
What is the best way to harvest a Rose cutting?
7 years ago
Thank you! I will definitely research this more.
I am losing quite a bit of feed to waste.
I am using well water so I am assuming I will not need to let the first bucket stand for 24 hours!?
I'll have to calculate and adjust for the number of birds ... !
I appreciate your feedback!!

7 years ago
I have some chickens that when I pick them up ... I can feel their breastbone!?
I have about 80 chickens and I'm going through at least 25 pounds of feed per day.
I have the coop mix range bird feed, laying crumble, laying mash and cracked corn.
Winter is coming and I need to put some fat on them... ANY suggestions??


Tom Clodfelter
McDermott OH
7 years ago
Would something like this work?
I've seen videos of the winch attached to the front bumper and a pulley system on the roof of the cab...drag the log into the bed on ramps.
8 years ago
I received both posts ....

Thomas Clodfelter
Thanks for the reply!
I'm not sure what I would have been looking for unless it would have been something obvious like your syringe..!?
I was really surprised at how boney she was... I will try and look at a few others over the next few days...!?

8 years ago
We have 3 dozen chickens (11 months old), Barred Rock, Americanus, Austrolaups, Rhode Island Reds and Comets. Everything had been going well until today.
One of the Americanus was lethargic and just sitting there in the coop this afternoon. We hadn't noticed her like this y-day!
When I picked her up she was nothing but bones!? Her eyelids were closed and she didn't move.
She passed this evening and I'm concerned about what caused this!?
The weather has turned cold (single digits at night). I have a heat lamp under the water bowl to keep their inside water from freezing.
They have access to plenty of food and water (changed daily) ... I give them plenty of cracked corn each morning.
We have 3 hanging feeders that have a mix of laying mash, cracked corn and laying crumbles. These get filled daily.
Egg production is good (26-32 eggs/day) and I haven't noticed any other chickens with any symptoms....yet!!
Thanks... Thomas Clodfelter
8 years ago
First let me say Welcome and Thank you for your service! I did 24 years USAF then another 7 years in Iraq and Afghanistan doing CIED.
I too had to move to the country for my decompression! It's peaceful and quiet...
This is the BEST place for information on ANY subject for farming/homesteading/growing etc you can ever belong to... hands down!
I asked how to regrow the hay fields on the property we bought. It hadn't had anything done with it in 30+ years.
I had several people give me solid information and advice!
I will soon be building an aquaponics setup and asked questions. Again...I received feedback.
I asked about Japanese beetles... again feedback was positive.
I have SO many projects in the fire ..I loose track!

I wish you all the best .. and again...WELCOME HOME!!

Thomas Clodfelter
8 years ago
Thanks Joe!
8 years ago