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brad millar

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since Nov 20, 2013
Menifee, CA
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Yes, the last photo is my property in Idaho. Here’s one more.
1 month ago
I was all set to write out this elaborate description of myself detailing who I am and what I’m looking for. Now that I’m here and typing, I’m drawing a complete blank. Lol.
38, male, currently living in Southern California, but moving to property in Idaho at the end of May. Looking to start a homestead there from the ground up. Natural buildings, off grid solar, well water, food forest, paddock shift animal systems, etc. Anarchist/voluntaryist political  views, but mostly apolitical. I took Geoff Lawton’s PDC back in 2014. I’m a jack of all trades and a master of one or two. I can build, make, design just about anything.
Like Thoreau, I long for a simpler life. One that has stripped away the unessential and distracting. The Jones’? Who are they? I’m too busy in the garden tending my food to be concerned with what other people are doing and what they have. Who the president is is of little concern to me. It doesn’t change the temperature of the water in my pool so to speak. There is much more to me then is written here. It’s kinda hard to condense everything about ones self into a short paragraph or two. Oh, and I’m looking for a female.
1 month ago
Freedom is doing what you want as long as what ever it is you're doing doesn't harm another person nor prevent them from exercising their vision of freedom.
2 months ago
I just finished this one for my boss
6 months ago
My dad has 5 acres and he's found an electric golf cart to be invaluable. 
6 months ago
My dad is getting a leather belt I made. My sisters are getting spoons I’ve carved.
7 months ago
You can salt the hide and store it in a container of some sort until spring.  This video is a good one to see how to do it.
7 months ago
I started carving spoons not too long ago. Here are a couple of my latest. Aspen and birch wood.
7 months ago

Todd Parr wrote:

Wes Hunter wrote:I just received an email that says "Hot dog!" then goes on to explain that I got pie.  This got me thinking.  Rather than apples, you all could (should?) give out "Slaughterhouse floor sweepings."  When enough of these "slaughterhouse floor sweepings" had been accumulated, members would receive a hot dog.  I think most folks would clearly rather receive an email thanking them for their "quality post" and awarding them with a pile of slaughterhouse floor sweepings.  And instead of a red, roundish icon appearing on posts and under a member's name, you'd have the icon of an elongated pinkish fleshy thing.  You all have really missed the mark with this whole apple and pie business.

Just a thought.

I guess no one got it...

I thought it was funny.